Saturday 10 January 2015

Bathroom Accessories Haul and Bath Time Routine.

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Guten Tag! 

I gave my bathroom a little re-fresh this weekend, just a few little bits that need updating after a while like bathmat etc... which I will show you in a second. 

 I love having a bath, I love pampering myself a little and just relaxing with a good book. I'm currently reading the book shown above 'Where are they buried? How did they die?' it sounds morbid as hell but it's actually very interesting. It's about celebrity grave-sites and gives a brief run down of their life, career and death also giving great directions to where they are buried and where their plot is located in the specific cemetery. 

I bought my bathroom accessories from Tiger, I've featured them before HERE when they send me over some stuff to try out and have been hooked on their shop ever since, It's so cheap and so unusual and gorgeous! As well as the things below, I also got the bath mat pictured above and a toiler brush in a metal casing in the same colour theme (but ain't nobody want to see a picture of that!).

pastel cat door hooks Tiger
Cat Shaped Hooks - £1 each.
The colours go with the theme I was going for and, well, they are cat shaped!
Our hooks on the back of the door were old and falling out when we moved in so I replaced them with these.
Bath Head Rest - £2
This was in the colour I was going for and ESSENTIAL to bath-time relaxation! This is so much better than my old one as it was the little head hole bit so you fit in perfectly.
Bathtime isn't bathtime without a LUSH bathbomb! This is the Golden Wonder bathbomb that I got in the after-Christmas sale. It smells divine, the water goes that beautiful turquoise colour after exploding with bubbles of pink, green and yellow leaving you with a gold shimmer too! 
Lights off, candles on!
My new fave is this gorgeous Wild Bluebell from Jo Malone that I got for Xmas, it's true luxury.

Don't get me wrong, I love to party and see my friends but right now in my life I feel like I'm kinda done with doing it every weekend and I'm a little scared my friend and I may be heading in different directions as partying most weekends is their bag. See, I'm a homebody at heart and call me as boring as you like but staying in is what I love! I love a good walk about in nature during the day or doing some chores and then sitting in at night, reading, practicing my wall hanging with a cup of tea, Netflix and candles on - oh and of course my snuggly Prince by my side. I feel maybe I'm a bit of a cross-roads in life with where I am and where I am going/want to be but I do know feeling awful with a hangover every Sunday is not where I want to be!

Anyway, I  hope you are having a great weekend, I've had such an exciting day that I had to have a 4 hour nap in between :p Also got the M&S 2 dine for £10 using a gift card I got for Xmas too which was lush!



  1. I love bathtime! :) I've never owned a JM candle but they smell delicious.

    Tara x

  2. Bleach london is the best thinggggg!

  3. I neeeeeeeeeed one of those head rests!


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