Monday 5 January 2015

The Library of Fragrance 'Moonbeam' Review.

the library of fragrance moonbeam

The Library of Fragrance are "single scent" cologne sprays that are set out to remind us of our favourite, most unappreciated every-day scents. Most fragrances are just a scent using many different 'notes' however these are linear and don't change over time on the skin and just simply smell like what they are set out to - which makes them all pretty much Unisex too!

For example if you love the smell of Baby Powder - then they've got a fragrance just for you!

Now, there are some very weird ones such as Mushroom, Holy Water (wut?) and Pizza (nooo girl!) that I don't want to try. There are also some interesting ones that I definitely do want to try such as Steam Room, Fireplace and Thunderstorm.

There are over 101 scents to chose from and you can layer and experiment with them all to create your own unique scent which is pretty awesome!

Anyway, what the hell does a Moonbeam smell like?!

Let's set the mood, imagine looking out at a huge lake on a clear, warm Summer night in a wooded area, there is a full moon hanging low in the sky that almost seems to meet the water creating a shimmering path. This beautiful sight is very magical and delicate much like the fragrance so I can totally see how this got it's name.

Moonbeam is a very subtly sweet scent with a deep base so it's very hard to describe. The website says it was inspired by a Shelley poem and 'wanted to capture the dual nature of the moonbeam, reflecting elements of both the innocence of light and the passion of night...' which I definitely get from this scent!

Moonbeam is available at Boots and is £15.

Have you tried any of the Library of Fragrance?



  1. That sounds lovely! I have the Vanilla Ice cream scent which makes me all kinds of happy! x

  2. Oh wow! I can't quite imagine the scent but I love sweet scents so I'm almost convinced I'll like it! This brand sounds so cool.

    Tara c

  3. I'm really intrigued by these scents, but haven't seen them in Boots to give them a whiff

  4. Just looked on boots and they have a 'Gin and Tonic' one.. helloooo!

  5. I feel like I need a holy water in my life, try and counteract all my sins!!

  6. These sound really interesting. Totally the kind of thing you would need to go in-store to sniff first though, with such whimsical descriptions. Really want to smell the thunderstorm one!


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