Tuesday 17 May 2016

Blind Box Unboxing Video - Kid Robot and Pusheen


I've made a new video (well it's old I recorded it last month) I havnt had any time to edit it until this morning when I spent a while editing it only to find out I actually edited it the same day I recorded it... DUH!!

Anyway I've recently been really into blind boxes and blind bags and watching other people opening theirs on their YouTube channels. My faves at the moment at ToyBoxCollectables as the husband and wife duo are so cute and their office space is incredible. Also I totally fan girl Bunny at grav3yardgirl has a few videos of her doing them and as much as I shouldn't enjoy her I CANNOT help myself! SO basically I decided to do my own video too!

I picked up some Kid Robot blind boxes in Ferals, Lore of the Labbit and Tricky Cats. I also got a Pusheen Plushie blind box too which I was super excited about as I'm a HUGE Pusheen fan!

Here is the video, hope you enjoy and I've already got some more Blind Boxes on order so will do another video of them being opened too - like I say I LOVE the thrill!


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