Thursday 12 May 2016

Stay Home Club Haul.

It's no secret I'm a HUGE Stay Home Club fan. I own a few of their pieces and recently they bought out so many more awesome things that I just had to have! 

So today I am sharing what I bought in my most recent purchase from them:

Stay Home Kitty Box Tee
This is a super soft box t-shirt which is mid-length. It is really lightweight and looks awesome with some high-waist jeans. Already covered in cat hair of course! 

Panther T-Shirt
This super awesome print is by a Korean tattoo artist named Jiran. It is a unisex shirt so comes down quite long which I like and I just roll the sleeves up a little. 

Full of Grace Patch
This patch is pretty big and I've just bought a sick bomber jacket that this would look amazing on! It also came with a matching sticker which I was stoked about. It's an iron on patch but I will probably sew it a little for extra security.

There was so so much more I wanted to get, so many pins! Sadly I do have to pay customs charges on these as they are being sent from overseas but if I save up a little then I'm sure I can make another purchase in the near future ;)

What do you think?



  1. Ugh I love all of these - cat related patches in a cute design? WINNER. <3

  2. These are the cutest designs! That full of grace patch is amazing!

    Grace x


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