Friday 7 October 2016

But Why I Love You I'll Never Know.

You could say I've fallen out of love with blogging.

I started doing 'cowbiscuits' in 2010 after a 'bout of scrapbooking left too much mess and I discovered I could do it mess-free online. I inistantly loved it, I religiously posted every 2 days, I went over every post looking for grammar and spelling mistakes and (without being one of those people) not many people were doing it and I was inspired! I gained a fair few 'followers' and felt awesome about the whole thing! In 2011 my whole life turned around when I moved to Cardiff, I was left for 2 months with no internet and began working a job that left me physically and mentally incredibly exhausted. I was officially out of the blogging loop and fell behind as the blogging world grew.

In 2013 I started 'cowbiscuits' back up and realised how much I missed it and loved it and continued pretty solidly until last year where I flitted in and out or writing posts, making VERY poorly made videos on Youtube and felt very sluggish in a fast-paced world where blogging is all about editing perfectly crisp photos, page views using click-bait titles and how much money and free shit you can get. No tea, no shade but this is not for me.

I don't get involved in any 'blogger chats', I pretty much detest the term 'blogger' - it makes me cringe (sorry 'bout it). I do miss MY blog - not because I think I'm class, or because I think any of what I write about is worthy of anybody bothering to read but I miss being able to vent onto a page wether it being able to just copy and paste some pics of things I love from Etsy or post about my fave facemasks - I miss my little scrapbook.

I fucked up college pretty heavily and went right into working but at school my favourite subject was English Language and I went on to do my AS level of this at college where I got a B - but due to enjoying partying a little too much and not being arsed to even attend most lessons, I quit. I'm not bitter about it at all, I am SO thankful for the way my life has panned out, I've gained alot of working experience from shit jobs which has furthered who I am today and what I do today - I just actually enjoy writing! It makes me happy, it is a little hobby which sadly I've left behind. I want to do it, I can't always be bothered to do it but I know it makes my soul a little happier.

This whole Summer I've had feral kittens living in my spare room where I take most of my blog pictures, write my posts on my iMac and generally have an officey vibe. The little monsters have DESTROYED my spare room so I'm blitzing it and semi-re-decorating it now I've (hopefully) finished fostering until Spring. Don't get me wrong I LOVE doing it but damn those tiny kittens are messy! I'm hoping this will help me get back into my writing mojo, having a clear space to do it (depsite this post coming to you live from my laptop while I'm in bed after a 4 hour day-time nap).

So basically what I'm saying is: I'm sticking with you cowbicuits, I was just having a breather from you.

If anybody reads anything I write then I'm truly flattered but this is my little getaway and I'm feeling content just by writing it :)



  1. I felt the same way recently and just decided to take a little break, for as long as I like and not feel pressured anymore. A post like this definitely helps get a weight off your shoulders that's for sure.

    PS I love all your kitten photos you post!

  2. I love it when bloggers are more real
    When I first started following/reading them I found them so interesting and natural
    But the internet now seems saturated by people just churning out the sponsored posts (and some are so fucking cheesy and random)
    A lot of bloggers seem to desperate to be 'famous' and get free shit, it grosses me out!
    Keep being you!

  3. Love this and lovely to see you back. The vicious cycle of blogging for free stuff but then censoring yourself or views and everything being about numbers and statistics isn't a pleasant cycle to be in. It's damn hard blogging, when you feel like literally nobody is listening/reading, but I can't say I'm keen to get into that cycle of being accountable to somebody and not being able to just be myself and say what I want. That's why you have the right attitude and if you're happy in yourself blogging, then it doesn't really matter how much feedback you get (though it's always a boost).

  4. Keep at it, I look forward to reading all of your new posts

    Mel ★


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