Monday 24 October 2016

LUSH Spooktacular!


I've pretty much shared LUSH Halloween things on my blog every year since I first moved into a place where I actual had a bath I could bathe in (houseshares + bathing = ew no thx) and why should this year be any exception? My Hallowe'en house decor is all up and I'm prepping for a weekend of classic and cheesy horror movies.

As soon as the LUSH website had to Halloween treats up I immediately put in a big purchase:

2 x Autumn Leaf
2 x Lord of Misrule bath bomb
1 big bottle of Lord of Misrule shower cream (my ultimate fave thing ever)
1 Mosters Ball (which I've already used and forgot to photograph - oops!)
1 Pumpkin and 1 Sparkly Pumpkin
1 Boo bath melt
and finally a chunk of the Fireside soap!

I avoided the Magic Wand soap as I'm not massive on orangey scents and the Fireside sounded more appealing to me. I also avoided the Goth Fairy shimmer bar as I would def never use it and it was pretty expensive for a teeny tiny little bar.

Autumn Leaf - this is by far my fave product out of the whole range! Alot of people describe it as a 'cut grass' smell but it totally don't get it. To me it is bergamot and that is just my fave smell ever. Please don't ever leave leafy!  

Sparkly Pumpkin - I wrote a Sparkly Pumpkin review 2 years ago , it has a little cinnamon stick piece on it. I actually got gifted on of these by LUSH aswell at an event and they are perfect for breaking in half and getting 2 uses from.
Boo - this little dude is actually part of my Hallowe'en decorating this year and is sat on my fireplace (it's inactive so he won't be sliding down it!). I'm incredibly excited to use him - but after the 31st!
Pumpkin - this bathbomb I've used now. It's a fast one and fizzes off almost instantly. 
Pumpkin bath bomb - the water, as you can see, is left a beautiful bright orange and the actual scent was vanilla/cinnamon - my whole house smelt amazing even until the morning!   

Fireside soap + Lord of Misrule shower cream - I'm actually using Fireside as a little mini fake-fireplace in the bath. The smell wasn't anything to shout home about it's just vanilla to me but it looks wonderful! And LoM is my fave scent ever from LUSH and I am just so happy that this is being kept on sale until Christmas. If you love herbally, incense type smells then I urge you to go and pick one up! 

What do you think of the new LUSH range? Have you tried any? I've picked up a bunch of the Christmas range too which I will be sharing next month so stay tuned!

Our LUSH here in Cardiff is actually reloactin up the road to a bigger premises where it will have a LUSH Spa! I am SO excited - gotta start saving the pennies to treat myself to one of them!



  1. Oh my god I had no idea the Pumpkin bath bomb had that scent, vanilla and cinnamon are my two faves so I need it in my life! Lush is always the best at Halloween/Christmas products x

  2. I did not buy Goth Fairy shimmer bar, but I tried it in the shop when I was buying other goodies. It is actually pretty good and you can use it as glitter bar for nights out, I might come back for it before New Year's Eve! :) Sparkly pumpkin is my fav! I also bought Boo, but it is still in my bathroom waiting, it is almost too cute to use it! Great post!


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