Monday 31 October 2016

Dirty in the 'Diff

Dirty Martini welsh cocktails


Today I'm making cocktails (well not today because it's 2pm on a Monday) but this cocktail is special as it's been designed for Dirty Martini's Cardiff opening!

Dirty Martini opened it's doors to us here in Cardiff in an exclusive opening party on Friday night, the place itself is pretty nice inside, I'm not one to go out-out, I rarely do dressing up and can only walk in flat shoes so it's probably not a place you'd find me haunting regularly. The music was a little too loud for me because I'm secretly an old lady who likes to be in bed by 9pm most nights but the drinks were good!

We were offered complimentary drinks until 8pm but due to it being crazy busy I actually only got to try one of the Cardiff Cocktails (one of any of the cocktails on offer actually) made especially for us here in the 'Diff and it was the one which I was sent the equipment to make for myself - Red Dragon. It's a good cocktail so no real complaints ;)

Dirty Martini welsh cocktails red dragon cardiff

Red Dragon is a martini made from Brecon Botanical Welsh Gin (keeping it local - I likeeee) and Hibiscus liqueur, with teapot bitters, gomme syrup and blood orange syrup, topped off with a snap dragon flower. I was given what I needed to shake and stir my own Red Dragon but was meant to add fresh raspberries, lemon juice and egg whites (nope).

I added lemon juice but couldn't bring myself to chuck an egg white in there, but when I tried the Red Dragon professionally made in Dirty Martini it didn't bother me at all, it just gave it the little foamy top that it was meant to have.

Dirty Martini welsh cocktails red dragon cardiff

Well... I don't own any sort of cocktail glass so i made mine in a tiny glass tea cup! Ha!

I had tons of fun making my own cocktail at home but the Dirty Martini crew definitely make a better one than me!

Thanks for Dirty Martini for inviting me to the opening night, I wish you every success here in Cardiff and maybe I'll be back in sometime because I HAVE to try a Merlins Cup ;)


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