Monday 14 February 2011

53rd Grammy Awards - What They Wore

Warning this is picture heavy!:

So it was the 53rd Grammy's last night, I love seeing who turns up, what they are wearing and of course who will do the best performance. 

This post may be (definitely is) bias choosing only the people I care for, not who actually had an amazing outfit, BUT here are some of my best and worst' of the night:


Nicki Minaj and Lil'Wayne - Now head-to-toe in leopard print is not a look I usually dig, but minus the hair I think she looks banging in this Givenchy Couture get-up.
Oh and Weezy is as suave as ever.

Queen Lea Michele - She looks awesome although her chest area here didn't look as good as it did on the red carpet  (take that as you will haha). I love the Pucci dress it makes her look more curvy and I miss those curves Lea!

Snooki - Lets add some class to this shall we. Naww she looked great I love some glitter but this  Grammy's needed more PaulyD.

Egg - Oh my gosh I cannot believe Egg turned up to the Grammys after that fight with Xtina last year....oh wait it's Her Holy Godga just in her causal get-up.

Willow Smith and Lady Gaga - cutest picture of the night, I love Willow and I love Gaga - I may frame it.
Please take note of the spikey shoulders. Insane. 


Hayley Williams - REALLY? Did you really have to skin Animal from the Muppets just to have this dress?

Katy Perry - I thought it was something a 5 year old would wear, I love the bra thing but the rest is tacky and just weird for an awards show! 

That's more like it! this awesome Giorgio Armani dress makes up for everything. I think I need one.

I love Katy's music and her style but I just can't stand her personality! But this was actually a really sweet touch, on a backdrop made of her own dress, she showed the world her wedding video! So cute, even tough 'love' makes me vom. <3 (p.s I'm jealous she married Russell THERE I SAID IT!)

Rihanna - Why?

Another redemption! She looks amazing here in this bead-fringed outfit during her performance with Drake(who's date was his mom). Also her Dior dress during the Eminem performance was wonderful too!.

Well there's my 2 cents. To be fair they all looked amazing. I'm sat here in a dressing gown and an old Smiths shirt so who am I to judge?

Hope your all having a great Valentines lovers!

(All images from WireImage/GettyImage (via ONTD) accept thesethis and this.)


  1. Oh my gosh!! Snooki looked amazing!!! and I was equally disappointed in Hayley. Her outfit was just...bad.
    Maybe it looks like that because of how her bright red hair clashed with her bright pink fuzzy thing on her dress?

    Lovely post!


  2. Hahaha, I love how the Grammys bring out the crazy in people. The leopard print hair-do is so awful it's brilliant.

  3. Oh dear, Hayley Williams looks ridiculous, why would ya? That pic of Willow Smith and Gaga is brilliant though :D

  4. Gagas pointy shoulders are freaking me out a bit! That picture is sooo good though! :D
    I love Katy Perry's second outfit! I'd have that in my wardrobe anyday. I miss Rihannas bright red hair ;(

  5. Hayley Williams' dress is dodgy, and gaga's shoulders really freaked me out cos I didn't realise until you pointed them out! ahaha!
    The Gaga and Willow picture is so sweet! :D
    My fave dress was Lea Michele's, quite classy and elegant :D but you are so right, she needs to get her curves back! :D
    but like you said, who am i to judge when I was sat there in my pyjamas!? aha

  6. I have a bit of a love/hate thing with Rihanna... I like the odd song, and outfit and the rest of the time she just drives me a bit mad. It started with that 'SOS' song that had the line 'Y O U R making this hard' which I think was trying to be clever, but was just incorrect. Geek much?


  7. Hayley looked awful, I didn't understand her outfit at all, eurgh!
    Snooki looked great, not as tanned as usual and pretty classy. Amber Riley looked great as always but her necklace/shoulder pad thing was odd.
    I like Katy Perry's nan, she rocked the red carpet and her glittery walking stick was amazing!

  8. i love lady gaga's shoulder pad things, they're so strange.
    and katy perry's outfits are normally amazing, i don't know what happened on the red carpet!


  9. Willow + Gaga is the cutest photo ever! I love all your favs too, another one of my favs was Selena Gomez's dress. Don't get me wrong, I really don't like her and her face kind of annoys me - but that dress was bangin'. xx

  10. wow, great looks :)))

  11. Oh dear, what was hayley williams thinking here!

  12. Haha the Grammy's is crazy, what are those shoulders on Lady Gaga? Amazing! x

  13. Had to skin a muppet! ha ha ha!!! Love your post

  14. What in buggery is Hayley Williams wearing? Where did her good punk kid style go?

  15. Love this post and Gaga's weird shoulder things. Brilliant!! x

  16. I'M JEALOUS SHE MARRIED RUSSELL TOO. There! You're not alone ;) xx

  17. I kinda think Rihanna pulled it off...i may be alone here but...

  18. Hayley looks SO grown up! And mega lolz at willow chilling with miss gaga. who's shoulders are actually giving me the boke btw! my fave lady katy P in there too <3 great post sweets! x

  19. I'm watching it on TV at the moment, I thought Hayley Williams looked awful!

  20. Hayley Williams looks like Kathy Griffin. And that's just her face, I'm not even mentioning the dress...

    Penny x

  21. Quite a few of the Grammy ensembles were erm.. "interesting" this year.. ;P Especially Snooki.. she always nails her looks.... But that photo of Willow Smith and Gaga is really the cutest!!

    Claudia x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  22. I watched this. :)

    Katy Perry's big dress love song/video was my fav, it looked amazing.

    Love your blog btw, gorgeous.


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