Wednesday 16 January 2013

Heart Nails!

I see so so many amazing nail-art designs splashed all over the internet - anyone else follow the WAHNails Instagram? It makes me mega jealous that I have such short, flimsy nails and don't have a steady enough hand to do my own nail art!

Last year I won a 'Kiss Nail Artist' stencil and polish set in a blog giveaway but never managed to work out how to use the stencils - until I saw this super cute and funny video over at The Dainty Squid blog, where the girls use French manicure tips.

This inspired me to dig out the set, give the instructions a go but with my stencils instead of nail tips:

I went for a teal base which is by No7 and chose the heart stencil with a glitter gold by Ted Baker.

'Kiss' nail stencils.

And the rest...

I loved having these on my fingers! 

I pretty much don't like any of the other stencils, do you know of any cheap online or ebay shops that sell them? I've picked up some nail tips to give them a go but would love some more cute designs!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post,
Hope the weather hasn't been too cold!



  1. These are so cute!
    Such a small idea can make such a difference!:)


  2. where are these from! there super cute x

    1. They are buy a company called 'Kiss' probably find them on ebay :) x

  3. Oooh these look amazing! Love the teal colour too. WAH nails are amazing.

  4. Gah, they're sexual. I don't know why I wasn't following WAH on Instagram, rookie mistake now rectified! :) x

  5. Cute! Love the base color

    xo Ashley

  6. I'm not good at nail art either but these are super adorable! xxx

  7. This looks really cute! :D

    Hi there! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog :) Would you like to follow eachother? I'm following you with GFC!

    Much love xx

  8. The stencils are such a good idea, the hearts looks so cute x

  9. aww so diddy! thats such a good idea - I wish I had the patience for that kind of thing :)

    Also, I'm running an American Apparel / Urban Outfitters / Forever 21 / Topshop giveaway on my blog if you're interested xxx

  10. Those nails look lovely darling, where are the stencils from?

    Eda ♥

  11. love your nails!

  12. That's cute :)

  13. So glad you are back to blogging again and I have to say these nails are super cute! <3

  14. Too cute! I keep seeing nail art and wanting to try it, but I am crap at doing basic nail varnish, so thought I had no chance. I think even I could manage some stencils!

    It is very good to see you back wee biscuit!

  15. ah wow they are so so cute! i rarely ever paint my nails because i bite them, it's such a bad habit!

    hope you'll visit back

  16. Adorable, what perfect little hearts.

  17. These are so cute! I need to give them a try :)


  18. Cute heart. The results were great!


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