Monday 28 January 2013

Cemetery Polka - outfit post.

I'm really missing the sunshine at the moment, there's been snow, hail and mental thunderstorms over here in Cardiff all in the past week which makes for going out for walks and trips a right pain!

Luckily there was a one day gap where the sun came out and the weather wasn't too bitter for a stroll around Cathays Cemetery. I've had a morbid curiosity since I was young but It's such a peaceful place to go for a walk, there are different sections (including a huge Victorian area) and it's one of the largest cemeteries in the UK. 

River Island Glittery T-shirt.
Vivienne Westwood Orb necklace.
H&M Stag Head necklace.
H&M Studded bag
River Island sneaks.
Would totally put these mad spikes all around my grave site too.
My hair has been driving me crazy this week, I've resorted to keeping it up but I am definitely over due a chop in the next week or so!

What did you get upto on the weekend? Missing the sunshine yet?

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  1. Beautiful photos! You've got great hair, too. I love your blog. I'm visiting cardiff right now! lol

    1. ahh awesome! It's a wonderful place full of fun! :)x

  2. I love these photos very much :D They're so beautiful! xx

  3. You look lovely - your glittery t-shirt is awesome! xxx

  4. Hope you said hi to my relatives while you were there ;)

    I drive past there every day, it's huge!

  5. Love the photos. I find cemeteries really interesting!

  6. Lovely look c: I think the background
    scenery is quite interesting!
    I love love the Vivienne W. orb


  7. I think you hair looks great! Love the dress too :) x

  8. Great outfit, love your trainers and your necklace. I once found my old housemate drunk and wandering around Cathays cemetery after a night out... The weirdest part was that he was carrying a mug of hot tea. xx

  9. I have that necklace but have been unsure about the etiquette of wearing it post-Christmas as it reminds me of a reindeer. Seeing yours looking so lovely has inspired me to dig it out of the jewellery box! x

  10. That spiked chain is awesome! Totally with you on putting that round a grave site! Haha. :) I love your glittery tee!

  11. Wow, you are gorgeous! And you have awesome style too. Love the edgy photos, makes a great backdrop.



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