Thursday 31 January 2013

January Favourites Roundup

Even though it's my Birthday month, a new year and time for new beginnings and resolutions, I always feel super blue in January. It's too cold, Spring seems super far away and there just isn't that much to do!

But instead of dwelling on it I thought I'd share with you some of the highlights of my month that have certainly brightened it up:

We won this super rad light-up constellations globe on eBay. It looks so pretty when you're in total darkness - the best night light!
Keeping with the space theme we also picked up this awesome galaxy print duvet set for £10. Bargain! 
I found this little cat cutter in a bargain shop my pals like to call 'The Church of Junk'. It was £1 and stamp-cuts little cats into paper.
I got these records for my birthday which was on the 2nd. I am a huge Willie Nelson fan, old country music is my jam, it's so heartbreaking! Anyway I can't wait to add more to this little collection in the future.
I got this super cute Pastel Boyfriend Cardigan in the ASOS sale - it's so warm and cosy.
My favourite beauty product this month has been Taylor Swift's fragrance Wonderstruck. I've got 3 bottles and the lotion now, it's a really sweet but subtle and long lasting smell plus TaySwift is a mega babe! The bottle is gorgeous, it shimmers in the light and the 50ml comes with a cute charm attached.
The blizzard of 2013, see my post on it HERE but seeing my kitty Prince in the snow for the first time was definitely my highlight of Jan :)

What have your favourite things in January been?

I'm super looking forward to February, my goal is to bake more. Also Pancake Day is right around the corner so don't forget to enter my Pancake Day Party giveaway!



  1. I love your pastel cardigan so much - really pretty! xxx

  2. awesome galaxy print duvet!!!
    and happy birthday!
    my favorite thing this january has been moving to an awesome paradise... playa del carmen is my home, for now.. I left it all.. quit my job, booked a flight and took my life to the beach :)
    take care!

  3. Oh my gawsh at the little tiger kitty in the snow on a lead! Heehee

    Dayner x UK Fashion, Lifestyle & Jewellery blog -

  4. Some lovely bits! That cardigan is gorgeous and i'm loving that bed spread! xx

  5. Oh, man, I LOVE that cardigan!

  6. Church of Junk = Rainbow Bargains on Albany Road?!

  7. Your blog is really lovely - I love the Wonderstruck perfumes! Am now a follower :D

    Would love a follow back :D

  8. Oh my goodness that duvet cover is amazing! P.S thank you for your comment on my blog! Yours is great so I think I will need to follow you on bloglovin :-)

  9. Aw your cat in the snow is sooo cute. I loved when my dogs saw snow for the first time and were amazed by it :)
    Daniella x

  10. Love that cardigan. you have a nice blog follow each other?

  11. Hey there! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! :) I am really happy to have found yours as well, I must say I am a big fan of the space theme :D I have a dress with planets all over it and it is one of my favorites. And super super cute sweater (I love ASOS!)


  12. The galaxy duvet is so cool! I couldn't sleep in there though, I always need a plain colour as a duvet because... well I don't know hahaha. It looks really cool!!

    Great post! :)


  13. That duvet, oh my wow!
    AND kitty in the snooooow, he's so handsome!!

  14. Prince is such a babe! Much like T-Swift too.

    Penny x

  15. Oh my word I love that duvet and the lamp- I really want one!
    Also, once again, Prince is so gorgeous I think I could eat him up.

  16. Love your duvet cover and constellations globe... I really want one of those lights that project stars onto the ceiling. xx

  17. That duvet is amazing....I would never get out of bed.

  18. Prince is gorgeous! I ordered that ASOS cardi today, as I live in the brighter version currently. If you want to see what the purple OPI looks like, I've actually scheduled a post featuring it for tomorrow afternoon x


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