Friday 12 December 2014

LUSH Father Christmas Bath Bomb

father christmas bath bomb lush


'Tis the season and all that so here is a little review of LUSH's ultimate festive bath bomb - Father Christmas*!

At first glance this bath bomb doesn't look exciting or anything special, little Santas face looks like he's been stuck in the snow for a while and knackered from making all those toys, but once it's in the bath theres an awesome festive treat:

father christmas bath bomb lush

It's Bright Greeen!!

The novelty of coloured baths does not wear thin on me one bit so as soon as I dropped him in the hot water and he started fizzing out green I was so excited for my neon bath!

Not only does it suprise you with the cool colour change it also have tons of bubbles too which most bath bombs don't produce - maybe it's his wicked beard?

The smell is basically Snow Fairy which is the most popular LUSH product ever, people literally buy tons of bottles in the 3 months it's around for. I usually wait until the Boxing Day sale and grab a small bottle for myself. I love the scent, it's sickly and it's sweet but it does grate on me after a while as I prefer deeper scents. But for this bath bomb the scent was like a lighter cotton candy version of Snow Fairy and was actually not that overpowering.

miss patisserie soap lavender

I also used my Miss Patisserie soap bar*, their website is all new and fancy now so I couldn't see it on there but I'm pretty sure it's a lavender based one and they have a lavender soap which is similar online now.

Have you tried any of the festive LUSH range yet?


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  1. I'm that crazy person who uses Snow Fairy all year round! I need to try Santa. :)

    Tara x


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