Thursday 4 December 2014

Millennium Hotels Guide To Cardiff - Beauty Studio.

bloggers guide to cardiff
Superdrug Beauty Studio - Only In Cardiff!

I was recently asked to partake in the Millennium Hotels 'Bloggers guide to Cardiff' project in which us locals show off our city, where to go and what to do.

In keeping in theme with my blog and my interests I thought besides showing off the obvious (food places) I kick it with some city center beauty treatment - the Superdrug Beauty Studio!

I've posted about this place before HERE and how much I love having such a unique store ONLY in our little ol' Cardiff. It 100% doesn't look like a Superdrug and it's main title is 'Beauty Studio' so it's a little confusing to look for but it is located in the St Davids 2 Center, Ground Floor just by the escalators.

beauty studio superdrug

In this Cardiff exclusive, Beauty Studio offers a massive range of cosmetics that you can't pick up just any old place such as MakeUp Revolution and The Balm. The best thing about it is the treatments, you can walk in and get your nails did, hair did and even pick up a piercing - dream! 

I opted to waltz in and get my Gelish nails done as for work I can't have them painted but can have them with gels. The gels last perfectly for about 2 weeks and then start chipping/growing out but they are easy to remove with a soaking in some polish remover.

gelish nail colours

With an in-store hair salon, eyebrow threading and HD brows salon aswell as on-hand make-up artists and perfume experts, this place is a palace! It reminds me of Sephora which you find everywhere in the US and around Europe.

I opted for a dark navy blue with glittery detail and while I was there I couldn't resist picking up some of my fave beauty products too:

makeup revolution cover and conceal
B. Radiant foundation and under-eye concealer - by Superdrug's own B. brand
Cover and Conceal - from Makeup Revolution.

This little gem is not to be missed for any shopping trip in Cardiff! A nice little touch in the Beauty Studio is that most of the titles and descriptions for products were also written in Welsh - Diolch Superdrug!



  1. Next time that I go to visit my dad down south, I shall pop in here. Looks great. And so does that manicure.


  2. I do love the beauty counters in this place!
    Like girlie heaven!
    Charlotte X


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