Tuesday 9 December 2014

Cardiff Winter Wonderland + Vlog

cardiff winter wonderland

Last week me and Ross head on over to Cardiff's Winter Wonderland for a spot of ice skating as part of Simplyhealth's Healthy Habits campaign which is encouraging leading a healthier lifestyle including exercise.

Lucky for us the weather was perfect, it was freezing and dry which mean't first we had to go a get a warm up...

cardiff christmas market
bratwurst bavarian
Bratwurst - literally one of my fave foods! Whoever invented sausage in a bun needs a medal.
cardiff german market
Bavarian Bar and Food Stall.

We headed right to the Bavarian Bar for my absolute favourite Winter tipple - Bailey's hot chocolate! As well as that it was 8pm and we hadn't eaten since about 2pm so we were ready to gob down a delicious Bratwurst from the food stalls.

The we walked up through town to Winter Wonderland to have a mooch, grab another festive drink and then get ready to hit the ice.

cardiff sky swing

I did not fancy the Sky Swing which coincidentally has been all over the news this week as a gust of wind blew one carriage into another IN MID AIR! It looks so scary, here is the Sky Swing news article, the ride has been closed again for a few days this week due to high-winds. Not for me, ta!

hot winter drinks
I love these bi-lingual mugs!

We decided on another drink, Ross went for a 'Flirt' a.k.a Mulled wine with an Ameretto shot and I went for a 'Heidi' which was hot Raspberry wine with a Cherry liqueur shot. It was really nice but so strong and boozy! No wonder it's only in a tiny mug, you only need to sip it slow!

cardiff winter wonderland ice rink

We were given the late-night 9pm ice skating slot, I hadn't been skating for a good 6 years so I was pretty nervous, as I held on to the side Ross deicded he was off and ready to do a lap on his own. We were the first ones on the ice rink and I turned around to look at him and BOOM he was on his arse in the ice hahah! I didn't slip up once and managed to get confident enough to be able to lap around twice without holding on once :D

German Band

Cardiff's FM were blasting music and there was even a Bavarian band who played (see my video below to hear!).

I had such a fun time and I've been in such a festive mood since, take a look at my video below for our little trip on film.

Have you been to any Winter Wonderlands this year?



  1. I'vevbeen to Glasgow's Winter Village - there's an ice rink, carousel, helter skelter, Ferris wheel and a tented area when they show films and bands play. And all the food and drinks of course!


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