Tuesday 16 December 2014

Mercure Spa Day at Holland House Cardiff

mercure hotel spa cardiff review

Last Sunday me and Ross were so so lucky to be treated to a spa day at the Holland House Mercure Cardiff. Lucky for us we live literally a stones throw away and this is actually the same place where I joined the gym in Summer. It was a gorgeous, sunny Winter's day and we woke up bright and early and not hungover ready for our spa session to start at 10am.

mercure hotel holland house cardiff

We went up to the spa treatment area which is really gorgeous, relaxed and has little Welsh Love Spoons hanging on the door with each number on - cuute! We donned our robes and slippers and headed to the relaxation room which was really peaceful with huge bed type things to snooze on.
There was also a little kitchen area where you can make yourself some herbal tea and where the lunch is served which i'll get onto in a bit...

mercure hotel holland house spa cardiff

Our treatment was called the Rejuvenate Day which included:

- A Discovery facial
- Tranquility scalp massage 
- Cleansing and purifying back treatment - which was like a facial for your back which included massage. 

It was basically heaven, I also got a sneaky little leg massage included which Lord knows I need after being on my feet 8 hours a day! 

mercure hotel cardiff spa review

The products used were Decleore, they were fabulous and the whole treatment was amazing, however my one little complaint which I know is definitely not the staff's fault at all they were all amazing but the one thing was that after the treatment they try to make you buy the products that were used. Now this is fine but the weird hard-sell at the end of being so relaxed and also if you've shelled out £90 each for the day I think trying to get you to spend an extra £30 odd for each product is a bit cheeky. 

Anyway, moving on - the food! After the kitchen bought us the wrong order we finally had our lunch. I had the chicken fajita wrap and Ross has a cheese and pickle sandwich, it came with a tiny bowl off Wheetos and a tiny soup too! 

mercure hotel cardiff spa menu

Like I said before I went to the gym here and used to regularly swim, steam and jacuzzi in this very spa, so we didn't spend much time here really as it bought back bad aching muscle memories :P

I had such a lush relaxing day and I would definitely go for a treatment there again the as the spa staff were amazing and knew exactly what they were doing.

Where is your fave place to spa?



  1. Awww, this sounds so nice - except for the staff trying to push the products...GROAN. <3

    Tara x

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  3. On behalf of the team, here at the Holland House,Cardiff we are thrilled you've enjoyed your treatments, as for the products it is the therapist's job to recommend them in order to help you achieve and maintain healthy skin. Decleor has been a skincare pioneer since the 70's and has a global reputation for excellence as one of the most comprehensive and ecologically sound ranges on the market, hence the price tag. We look forward to seeing you again.

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