Tuesday 20 July 2010

Bourjois Lovely Brille Lipshine - Review and Swatches.

First of all I think this lipstick is no longer stocked in stores BUT I bought mine online (from cheapsmells.com) for £1.99 each - which seeing as I usually pay anything from £5 upwards for lipstick, is a BARGAIN!

The only downside to online shopping is you can't test it on your skin, but at £1.99 I wasn't too fussed so long as the colour looked good to begin with, plus thats where I come in (for 2 shades at least!).

First up: 04 Rose Croisette

First of all I just have to point out what an amazing idea it is to have a mirror on the lid - genius!
The picture actually doesn't do this justice, it's quite a bright rose-pink that is shimmery in the light.

As you can see it comes out on the hand very light and quite sheer, so depending on how bright you like it you'd need to add a couple of layer to this.

However on the lips it actually brightens up and blends in well with the natural lip colour, also the shimmering come out giving it a nice gloss effect.

I'd actually compare this to a lighter, less thicker version of my favorite lipstick - the MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga.

Next up: 05 Corail des mers

A nice bright red shade, this one does have that shimmery effect in it but you can only really see it in the light.

Shows up nice and bright on the hand but again if you want it brighter you going to have to layer up, which is great for a day to night look.

This one actually shows up great, it is a bright red however it's subtle enough for work or school and other daytime uses. I love my red bright but this is perfect for summer.

That's all today, thankyou to all my new followers I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog!
Also I've only just worked out how to get email notifications for comments so I'll be able to reply faster and easier now :)


  1. You are gorgeous! And I love those lipstick colors.

  2. I know I just said this... but I love your hair. I wish I could go platinum, but I think i t would look silly on me. Are you naturally blonde?

  3. no i'm not naturally blonde, more of a mousey brown but it take along time to get platinum blonde! x

  4. Oh I love the first one :) so pretty xx


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