Thursday 8 July 2010

Elle Magazine UK = Sweethearts!

Some of you may remember my blog last week (Click here to refresh the old memory!) about my complaint about Elle UK and the gift I received. If you scroll to the comments you'll also see they replied to me.

So I sent off my email and today this lovely little package arrived!:

2 T-shirts and a handbag copy of the magazine! Excellent.

Also inside was this handwritten note, I love the fact its handwritten, it means so much more especially from such a huge company:

oh...wait, what's that? You love my blog? Well I LOVE YOU! haha :)

So I took a few snaps of me wearing my new Paul & Joe Sister tops:

Of course I shall look forward to next months Issue and you should all go out and subscribe to Elle because it's a great magazine made by lovely people!

Also I dyed my hair again, check it out! Will review the product I used in a different post in the next few days, so stay tuned!
Happy Thursday!


  1. aw that was good of them :) x

  2. yup, they sent me a message on twitter to say they had read this :) x

  3. Eeee, I just noticed you have lilac in your hair :D So nice!
    I want my hair lilac but all over.

  4. yeah ive been having it on and off since feb but work decided today its banned so i had to go back blonde :(

  5. That's pretty awesome of them to do! Also, I LOVE your hair!!

  6. Elle is absolutely ON IT. I love it. Though I have cut this top which came free, it now has strappy sleeves and a racer back and some slashes up the sides lol... xx

  7. How cute is that top!!! I love the hair! I miss being blonde! Your blog is way cute!

    Love it!


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