Monday 5 July 2010

Urban Outfitters SALE!

Most shops around have the Summer Sales on. Nothing took my fancy in Bristol this weekend, until I got to Urban Outfitters.

Now anybody who knows me will know I can't resist anything with an Anchor on, I even have one tattooed on me, so how could I resist this beauty?!:

This super cute anchor Tee was £12.99 from £28. Bargain!
I love the little pocket and it fits like a dream.

Next up I spotted this wonderful Pink Flamingo Tee, remember me saying Tropical is in this season?:

It says 'I'm in Miami' and yes I did use Google Translator...
It wears as quite a long top but will be nice with shorts.
£13.99 from £28.00

I'm currently doing up an old table I got for FREE at a carboot sale (pics will be up when I've finished) - ready to be my new sewing box. I saw this and had to have:

It has a tape measure, needles, pins, 10 different colour threads, buttons and the colourful head pins pictured.
£4.99 from £15.00

Last but not least is my favourite buy - the Woodland Mushroom nightlight:

I really didn't expect it to light up as much as it does, its so bright! The picture doesn't do it justice.
£2.99 from £6.00

So there we have it, a successful summer sales shopping trip!
Hope you all had a good weekend.


  1. aww cute night light , u got sum good bargains aswell i love sales lol i got a sewing kit the otherday jus sewd new buttons on ma cardie :) xx

  2. cool! I've just bought a new sewing machine so I shall be crafting away this week! :) xx

  3. ah cool :) , i have a sewing machine but neva atually used it lol i fancy makeing a tote bag but neva atually got round to going ti buy material or that lol

  4. o wow. i need that light. and those shirts. and if i could sew i woujld need that kit lol. ive been looking around at uo s online home sale. thinking about getting a couple things for when i move


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