Monday 26 July 2010

Trip to Totnes.

For those who don't know, Totnes is a small village about 10 minutes away from where I live in Devon (in the UK), it's full of people who are into Organic and handmade stuff and they all dress a little strange. I don't mean this in a negative way I think its great that they don't care what others think and everyone is happy and very friendly.

First up I went to a shop called Gazebo - I wanted to buy every single thing there! It has alot of Cath Kidson which I'm not a fan of BUT every other single thing had to be mine from cute deer to nesting dolls - I loved it!

Here's what I bought:
Mushroom money box

Clip bird - to sit in my vintage bird cage I got for Christmas.

Cute deer and kitty postcards - just to stick on my wall.

Also went to a few charity shops and picked up:

Nesting doll keychain - £1

A biiig mixed bag of fabric for £3 (more than pictured)
and that pink one was £3 for over 2 metres and I love the retro pattern!

On the way home we popped into one of my favorite garden centers - Fermoy's:

And this really cute nesting doll was only 99p!

So there's a long post to make up for the short ones - and (I deserve a medal for this...) I still have NO 't' button!
What did you get upto on the weekend?


  1. Nice! I worked a lot but also went to a flea market which was fun! Found some great dresses.

  2. wow cool where was the flea market? I might be off to one this weekend

  3. eee i NEED the shroom money box, i absolutely love it! I love Devon too, I'm not too far away :) x

  4. it's so cute isn't it! Oh nice where you from? x

  5. Eeee, I love all of these :D

  6. I really loved the mushroom money box...really cute!

  7. Nice! I want the mushroom money holder and that adorable key chain.

  8. Ah, such cute stuff! LOVE the nesting dolls. :)

  9. p.s.- all of your YouTube favorites are amazing! I don't know too many people who even know what Celery Man is!! Lol ;D

  10. Especially love that last little nesting doll of yours and the adorable clip bird! I've actually looked and looked for clip birds around here but haven't found any as cute as that... Great finds!

  11. @Gabbi I saw some birds on ebay which were cute!

  12. cute the postcards and nesting dolls.

  13. ooooh I live in Totnes!!
    Gazebo is pretty much my favourite shop; it's so true about wanting everything in there... I also bought the little deer card which you did!
    And am debating whether spending £40 on a quilt is too much? Damn you Gazebo for being so gorgeous...

    Anyway - hi, thank you for your comments :) I love your blog too! Am very into baking so I like all your recipes... (I'm gonna check out this Next a/w coat of which you speak, as the price tag for the Topshop one is just horrendous).

    Please check out my photography blog as well if you have a moment!
    x x x x

  14. @Eleanor Bell

    Yes! I love the shop so much thinking of going there again saturday!
    You could make a quilt! I'm thinking of making one.
    Love your photography and also that Topshop price tag - oh my lord! Found a nice one on ASOS but its £120 :(

  15. Yay, somewhere local on a blog!
    Totnes is actually one of my favourite places in the whole world, and Gazebo is just to die for. I also love FAB and the fudge shop! Best fudge in the world!


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