Thursday 21 February 2013

52 Weeks of Instax Challange! Week 1.

As I posted in last Friday's Things I've Loved This Week, I have been lusting after an Instax mini 25 camera. 
Any of you who follow my Instagram would has seen that today I had a suprise in the post - an Instax mini 25!
Instax mini 25.
It has a view finder, self-portrait view finder with a mirror, a flash, landscape option and Light and Dark settings.
I remember a couple years back, seeing over on (my all time fave blog) The Dainty Squid, the 52 Weeks of Instax Challenge! It's basically like a 365 day photo-challange only using Instax and having one photo for the week - much easier and more fun!
My Instax Mini 25 came with 6 packets of 10 film, a wrist strap and a close up lens!
Week 1: Where Prince has spent all day - sat on my computer chair!
I'm going to label the Instax photos but week number and write a little about them and post them every other week (then I will have more to share!). 

You don't just have to do the challenge with Instax or just once a week and you can start anytime - thats the fun! For more info on starting your own challenge have a look HERE.

Are you doing a photo-challenge? Send me your links I'd love to see!



  1. Wow that's super cute! I want one too :D haha
    Love this post!


  2. I have a similar camera but it's blue and takes tiny pictures! It's great fun :)

    I have a new outfit post on my blog if you wanted to take a look


  3. I have the big instax and it's massive and not easy to carry around! This one looks so cute, I'm definitely tempted to buy one and to start a photo challenge! Sounds like fun :) x

  4. I have been wanting one of these cameras for so so long!!! you might have swayed me to invest! x

  5. That's such a cute idea! The photographs look so good too...

  6. Oh it's so cute! I love cameras like that- why did we ever let the polaroid go!? Photo challenge sounds like a fab idea- may do one on my instagram at some point!! x

  7. Love this! Great idea.

    - Keyta

  8. So jealous!!! I want an Instax so much!! Have fun snapping xx

  9. oooh a close up lens, I have an old instax which doesn't have one of those. I need to bulk buy some film on ebay I think and get snapping, not done it for a while xx

  10. Just stumbled upon this! I will try to do this. I have so many instal films that needed to be used!


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