Tuesday 19 February 2013

Adventure: Ripley's Believe it or Not London

As an avid fan of all things weird, odd and bizarre Ripley's Believe it or Not has always been something I've known about. Robert Ripley was a traveller, explorer and artist who set off on his first world trip in 1922. He would often go where us normal folk wouldn't dare and bring back amazing ancient and weird artifacts.

There are loads of Ripley's museums around the world, I've been to the London one twice and the New York one too. I'd love to go to some more and see all the different curiosities! 

Apparently the largest rocking chair made. I felt so tiny sat in it!
Animals with one too many legs and a Mountain Bear full skeleton.
Paintings on super thin leaves. These were so small and pretty I really wish I could have some like this!
Perfect Wiccan and Pagan tools.
Smashing the pin-ball machine (I was terrible!)
Old Vampire Hunting Kit from way back when.
Old fortune-telling machine swindling me ;)

Mirror Maze!!

I took so so many pictures but I just posted my faves.

There is so many things to see like a Meteorite that is billions of years old, shrunken heads from jungles and a whole section dedicated to old torture devices (including a real electric chair from an American prison!)
Aswell as the oddities there are also lots of fun interactions like the mirror maze, this crazy space tube you try and walk through but it looks like you are falling over and a lazer game!

Have you ever been to Ripley's?


  1. The 'Grandmother Says' fortune telling machine is genuinely disturbing! I bet she comes alive at night! xxx

  2. I've never been to Ripleys but it looks like so much fun, really interesting too. I might have to squidge it in my schedule when i go to London.
    Rachelle x

  3. I've been to the Orlando one, the building is made to look like its sinking from outside, very cool. I loved it! Need to go to the London one soon! xxx

  4. I've never been but this has really made me want to go! I love stuff like that. xx

  5. That's not what I thought it was at all, looks much better than I expected!
    Did you go to the death exhibition whilst in London in the end? I went yesterday, sooooo good!!


  6. I went to the london ripleys yesterday, it was amazing!
    I love looking at anything weird haha :)



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