Friday 22 February 2013

Things I've Loved This Week.

How adorable is this Swinging Cat necklace by Red Brick? It comes in different colours too, the pink one is also adorable!
I'm so in love with this gorgeous Blue Floral blouse by EverOurs. It looks like a China plate (in the best way possible!) lucky it says 'coming soon' instead of 'add to cart' otherwise I'd be too tempted!
Uh oh EverOurs wins again! Totally fitting in with my new tattoo and my obsession with all things from ancient Egypt, this is glorious! 
I fell head over heels for these wonderful little River Island Crochet shoes - how perfect for spring!
My skin is definitely feeling neglected recently so I've been on the look out for some new products that you don't need to use everyday. How delish does a Mango & Peach face mask sound? 
I squeaked when I saw this! How sweet is this little 'Percy' Cat tote? Also I noticed that Miristudio is a Cardiff based online seller - rad!
My love for all things taxidermy has come to a new level! This amazing Saber Tooth Tiger brooch by Hungry Designs looks so awesome mounted, there is also a Triceratops!  These should totally be made into full size models for hanging on walls!

Hope you have an amazing weekend! I'm counting on the weather to stay dry so I can adventure about South Wales in my new car and go on a few walks!



  1. I love the saber tooth - it's kind of cute in a weird way! xxx

  2. I love the cat necklace, theres a shop in Bristol that sells that brand & I go in and lust after scarfs I can't afford :) x

  3. That natural face mask really sounds amazing! xx

  4. i was drooling over that ever ours blouse earlier too. i'm buying it as soon as its available! xx

  5. swinging cat necklace is a musthave ! super cute & cool !

  6. Oh bloody wow, that shirt is gorgeous. And such a good price! I'll forget to keep checking, please please please send me a tweet if you spot it back in stock?!

    - Tabitha at x

    1. If I see it back in I will def tweet you Missy! xx

  7. Have you been to Cwmcarn Forest drive yet? think you would like it there and there is good parking xx

  8. Eeeeeep that beetle necklace must be mine!!!

    XOXO Sade

  9. I saw the River Island shoes and totally forgot about them until now,ahhh they're so lovely,and so is the china plate-esque shirt!

  10. love the cat bag! x


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