Sunday 10 February 2013

Lust list: Cowboy Boots

Coming back from my trip to London I stopped by lots of cute vintage and second hand stores, the main thing I fell for was all the old cowboy boots. This set my little country soul on a mission to find me some cowboy boots I could wear casually but due to lack of funds only dream of!

I am so in love with these Aztec Boots from Nasty Gal - luckily they are not in my size otherwise I would spend my last pennies on them!
Floral Studded Western Boots - River Island.
Even & Odd Cowboy Boot - Zalando
Even & Odd Cowboy Boot in black - Zalando
Steve Madden Aztec & Stud Boot - New Look.

Do you like this little cowboy boot trend?

Although being home isn't as fun as London was I am excited to share my adventure with you guys this week once I upload all my pictures - it was such a fun trip!

Hope you've had a great weekend pals!


  1. I have some cowboy boots but I haven't cracked them out in a long time! Maybe during Summer! xxx

  2. The first cowboy boots are perfect! I'd really like to wear these in summer! So pretty.

    Great post!


  3. Those aztec boots are amaaazing! Serious amounts of love for them. Glad to hear you had fun in London!! x

  4. I love the first ankle boots the most


  5. I've recently been lusting after cowboy boots too! I want some black ones, maybe with studs on for extra tough-guy points :D xx

  6. Holy cow(biscuits).....those Nasty Gal specimens are amazing!

    - Tabitha at x

  7. i love it when spring hits i can ditch the long boots and use my shorter cowboy boots !!!

  8. These look like fun :) I haven't tried a pair of cowboy boots yet, but I think this year might be the year!!


  9. Oh my - they're not just your bog-standard cowboy boots! I love the aztec tapestry. I want!

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  11. These guys have the best Cowboy Boots by far

  12. These guys have the best Cowboy Boots by far

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