Monday 11 February 2013

London Trip pt.1

As I mentioned last week I took a short trip to London. I haven't been in years so I was super excited!

We stayed in Covent Garden and only took the tube once the whole time as we found walking around we found lots of hidden gems to explore. The main reason we were there was to go to the Prince Charles Cinema to watch a film called The Room (the best worst movies ever) with a live Q&A from the director and star. I had SO much fun shouting quotes along with the audience, it's nice to be able to make a racket during a screening ;)

The view from the top of our hotel.
I've been to M&M World in New York so I thought I'd pop into the London one too.
It was FULL of pretty colours and anything you could slam a picture of an M&M on. Out of context it would be so weird but in the shop I loved it all.
How gross is that jacket - so gross I love it. 

We had to stop a Trocadero's for some arcade fun. It's not half as big as it used to be but we slammed the basketball machine twice almost beating the high score!

Necessary shopping! I got 2 dresses - THE Topshop cat face one (see in a picture below) and a Fred Perry. I'll do some outfit posts of them in the next week :)
In China town I totally bought this cake based on the fact its a cat. It was actually so delicious! 

We had dinner at Meat Liquor. The food portions were HUGE. I had a chicken burger and cheese fries - I'm still dreaming of those fries.
Of course you can't go to a place called Meat Liquor and not have cocktails!
The whole place was lit by red lights and played awesome country music, apparently there are usually huge queues but we walked right in!

Photobooth fun & tickets.
We also took a trip to Ripleys Believe it or Not. I've been to the London one before and New York but it never gets old! I just love oddities! Will do a post on that also soon as i took heaps of pictures!

Will post the next part later on this week :)

Hope you are having a good Monday!


  1. Looks like you had an incredible trip! And that cake looks almost too adorable to eat :) x

  2. I'm glad you had fun! M&M world looks pretty awesome too - that jacket is a slice of fried gold! xxx

    1. slice of fried gold is definitely now entering my vocab! x

  3. I am so excited to go to M&M world when I'm in London in May! x

  4. Been meaning to go to meat liquour for ages! Keep being told how great it is. Last time was down found the BEST mexican in soho and fell in love with the diner. Also spent a small fortune on halloween coloured mnms! x

  5. I LOVE PCC and we keep meaning to go see The Room one time, did they give you plastic spoons to throw at the screen? I've been to a few things there now and it's such a great cinema!

  6. Love the rainbow of M&Ms! xx

  7. Seems like you have a great trip! I'd like to go to London too (again), I really love the city.

    Great post!


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  9. That view is fucking beautiful! I would go to London just for that. Love those photobooth photos, and the fact you keep them in a journal - how cute are you haha! xx

  10. aww all those candies! <3


  11. I'm going to London in March, surprising Dey for his birthday ;) he has no idea. May pop in and see this meat liquor, sounds like our sort of place. Will look forward to your next post. I've booked us tickets to go to the top of the shard, but apart from that I am a bit stuck as of what to do xx

  12. I love that topshop dress!!!

  13. Omg m&ms yum x

  14. looks like an amazing trip!


  15. Looks like you had an amazing time. I really want to go to Meat Liquor now. I also must visit M&M world xx

  16. I live in London so it's really nice to read posts about people's visits. Weekenders always have more gusto about trying new and exciting things. I haven't even been to the M&M shop yet! Greta post :)


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