Monday 3 June 2013

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream (Light) - Beauty Review.


I've been a bit MIA the past week, I ended up with Tonsillitis and have been drooling in my bed. But now I'm much better (thankyou Penicillin!) and cant resume normal blogging.

Today I have a little review for you on the Clarins BB Cream. I love BB Creams for summer and Clarins are always awesome for skincare and beauty products so when I was asked by to give it a try - I jumped on board! Also I saw the gorgeous Kate from ghostparties talking about it on Twitter so - THIS ONES FOR YOU KATE! :P

A little funny thing about is that the Clarins Gold Spa, pharmacy (which stock the best products) and offices all run from the road over from me! Which is AWESOME! One of the team members even came to my house to personally deliver this to me ;) 

The Clarins BB Cream in 'Light'. It is SPF25 and a 45ml tube is £22.40
The colour is 'Light' but I feel its still a bit too 'orangey' for me, I'm super fair skinned so for me I felt like I could see the usual suspect lines as the rest of me is pretty pale too. Id say it's more on the shade '2' side if you were to compare it to other foundations/BB's. 
The coverage is light/medium, it blends really easily and goes on super well (I'm a 'use-my-hands kinda girl when it comes to applying foundations). It gives you a great natural look so I'm super sad it made me a bit orange :( I would totally recommend it for those who use darker shades though but would advice to go a shade lighter than usual.
Have any of you used the Clarins BB cream? What are your favourite BB's for very fair skin?



  1. i have been wanting to try a bb cream for a while now, seems like this is a good one! thanks for sharing.
    nice week.

  2. I have heard a lot about bb creams recently but haven't tried one yet. I usually use MAC foundation, but it gets a bit heavy in the summer. I'll keep an eye out for this & give it a try! It looks really nice on you.

  3. Nice review. I always use bb cream.

    xx Mounia

  4. That's such a shame :( light should mean LIGHT! I wish brands would realise that there are sooooo many pale skinned people that need cosmetics! It's not like it's a craze.. we need them. This does look really orange, which is rubbish considering the price! xx

    Gemma ♥ |

  5. This is a light?! This would make me so dark :( My favourite BB cream is the Dr Jart Regenerating, it's a super colour match for my ghostly skin :)


  6. I hate it when the lightest shade is too dark/orangey! :( Sounds nice other than that, I think the price would also put me off a little, I'm such a cheapskate when it comes to make up!


  7. I've not tried this BB cream but it looks lovely on you (though shame you mentioned it has an orange tinge). I've been using the Liz Earle Skin Tint recently, which is really nice. They offer decent samples of it too :) xx

  8. I never tried any BB creams because I have the same problem as you, I can never find one that really matches my skintone... This one looks lovely though! xxx


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