Tuesday 4 June 2013

Castell Coch Adventure Trip!

Last week after work me and Ross headed over to Castell Coch just outside of Cardiff. I usually go up here in the dark as the walk up is windy, covered in trees and SUPER scary! But this time I thought I'd go when the Castle was open so I could see inside.

Castell Coch.
Pretending I was the bad-ass Queen from Game of Thrones.
The Kitchen
This room had the most amazing decoration, it was based on Aesop's fabels and was just stunning.
Lady Bute's bedroom.
The Chapel. 
View from the Chapel.

It was so pretty, I literally spent the whole time walking around pretending I was in Game of Thrones (by the way the latest episode - OH WHAT?!) - it was marvelous! The whole place was decorated amazingly with Aesop's fables, the Three Fates and lots of astrology. It was knocked down way back when and re-built again in the 1800's and was home to Lord and Lady Bute.

In the gift shop I met an awesome man who worked there with a super knackered/awesome AC/DC tattoo on his arm who talked to me about how he wears legit chain mail and how heavy it is. I bought a Celtic Mood-Ring and a faux chain-mail helmet.

I definitely can't wait to explore some more of Wales' amazing castles this Summer!


  1. It's gorgeous isn't it, I loved it there :) x
    It was used in Dr Who, which is v cool :D

  2. I love the fairy tale castle :) Haven't been there for years. x

  3. Wow this looks pretty! What a great day x

  4. I love it there, they also filmed an episode of Dr Who there and had cybermen running around the place :)

  5. My Dad is getting married there in October... I cannot wait!



  6. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting one of our monuments!
    We absolutely love the blog - great pictures.

    We hope that you can visit more of our sites in the near future.
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    Twitter: @cadwwales @cadwcymru @Castell_Coch
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/cadwwales



  7. What an amazing place to have near you and be able to visit! I don't think I could brave this place at night though haha You have way more courage than me!

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  9. Great photographs :)



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