Wednesday 12 June 2013

Prince's Garden Adventures.

With the recently blast of sunshine we have had here in the UK I've been taking Prince out in the garden, his favourite thing to do is catch flies and umm... tissues!

He runs about with them in his mouth and if you go near him to grab it he growls like a dog. It's crazy! So I thought I'd snap him in action with his favourite toy - old tissues (SO GROSS!). 

When I bought him back in he literally climbed the windows to try and get back out:

Bless him the little weirdo!

To see more pictures of Prince and his garden adventures (including getting stuck up a tree!) then you can see them on my Instagram.

Do your pets do weird things?


  1. Ahaha Lily is a weirdo too! Sometimes she gets into the "emo mood" as we like to call it and hides underneath the carpets and stays there for hours! xxx

  2. Cute pictures, I love the ones of him climbing the window! My cat is too scared to go outside...

    Liz xx
    Distract Me Now Please
    The Cake and Tea Blog

  3. Prince is lovely he's really gorgeous is he a bengal by any chance?

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. I have no idea what he is! He is gorgeous though :) xx

  4. Such a cutie! Is he some sort of exotic cat? He really is gorgeous.
    Kitty brings so many random things into the house, old tissues, greggs pastys still in the paper bags - bit of everything! x

  5. Oh he is the CUTEST! :) Cats like weird things. At least it's just tissues and not dead birds... Rosie x

  6. This really made me laugh... isn't he gorgeous?! I have a westie dog called Daisy and she LOVES to steal and run off with my makeup brushes! Haha! I have no idea why?! She chewed one up once (eeeeeeek) but she's being good now haha! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  7. I could watch cats 24/7. :D


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