Sunday 9 June 2013

Lush Cardiff Event.

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Cardiff Lush store's blogger event!

We had healthy drinks, sin consultations and arm massages. We got to learn so much about all the products and got chat one on one with the lovely ladies from the store about which products are best for our skin types.

My favourite part was learning about the make-up range, Emotional Brilliance. The colours are amazing and they are designed for specifics (lipsticks, blush, etc...) however you can use them for anything! 

We were lucky enough to try a few samples and take home our own Angels on Bareskin cleanser.  I also bought a few treats too ;)

Rose Water and Soda.
Skin consultations.
My fave colours from the colour mood wheel.
You can even use them on hair...
Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. 
It was an awesome evening - thankyou to the lovely Lush ladies of Cardiff for making it so awesome!


P.S Check out this awesome write-up on me from Poppy-Lux


  1. it looks great for the hair :) nice post dear. xx

  2. It was a fab event and it was lovely to see you again x

  3. I absolutely love Lush products. Such a lucky girl that you got to go x

  4. Lovely post!!

    xx Mounia

  5. I love LUSH, I bulk buy Snow Fairy every Christmas haha! Love that you can put them in your hair, so cute.


  6. Can't go wrong with LUSH! Looks like you had a good time xx

  7. Am I the only human who can't use Lush products :( They make me itch like crazy! Sucks because the stores always smell soooo good... Rosie x


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