Wednesday 19 June 2013

Shells and Pearls - outfit post.

I took these outfit pics before I dyed my hair pink, the playsuit from AXParis I got last Summer and wore it a bunch but never blogged! So here it is:
Shell + Pearl Playsuit - c/o AX Paris (last year)
I love this print! I'm so obsessed with the sea/shells/mermaids and pearls its just great and the colour is beautiful!
In other life news I've been working lots this week but when I'm not working I've been cooking mac n' cheese and watching UFO documentaries - nothing new there!
Take me to your leader!


  1. Oooh, the playsuit really does make me think of the little mermaid, it's the combo of the sea green with the shells. Pretty! x

  2. This dress is amazing!

    Off subject, but your thigh tattoo is beaut!

  3. You look gorgeous, the playsuit is fabulous and the colour suits you so well! xx

  4. Gorgeous playsuit! xx

  5. You look amazing in that playsuit, oh the envy! x

  6. Have just come across your blog - love it when I find fellow Prince-obsessed, tattooed gals haha! Also your hair is lovely! xx


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