Sunday 28 July 2013

Blogs That Inspire Me.

Tonight I thought I would share with you guys just a few of the bloggers who inspire me to blog myself and have kept me reading since I discovered their blogs:

The Dainty Squid.
The lady who inspired me to blog altogether way back in 2009. I remember reading her blog and slowly seeing her beautiful home, cats, outfits and projects all come together and thought I want to document my life in a similar way - and here I am!
Little blog of horrors.
Ayden is a total babe and I literally get super excited everytime there's a new awesome, fun lifestyle post.
Carly Watts.
I only found Carly on my recent (well January now) return to blogging after a years break.
Her illustrations are beautiful, she uses the most yummy colours and designs the best images.
scathingly brilliant.
One look at this lady's beautiful pastel blog photos and I was hooked. Another cat lady with a beautiful home and inspiring projects, illustrations and designs. 

Other blogs that inspire me:

ghostparties - amazing and honest beauty blogger with the cutest little kitty!
Bee Waits For No One - the most fashionable babe - keeps me in the loop of what's hot ;p
dainty dresses - wonderful photos and a wonderful lifestyle/style blog.
the london lipgloss - keeping you in the loop with erm, just about everything awesome.

Of course I have loads of other - too many to mention everyone, and have made amazing friendships through blogging and twitter.

I'm going to be doing free advertising for small brands/etsy stores for the whole of August so if you want me to add your banner just email me :)

Which blogs inspire you?


  1. ooh, one i haven't heard of! i love discovering new blogs :)

  2. Aaw, wow thanks for including me! I am so flattered and happy that you enjoy my blog - it means the world! I'm going to pop your button up on my blog in a min :) xxx

  3. Kaylah's blog is one of my favourites, and she made me want to blog too. Off to check out a few of your faves now :)

  4. Found some new blogs there, so thanks for this post :) xx

  5. I love when bloggers post links for their favourite blogs, it's always nice to find new blogs to read :)

  6. Totally honored! You're the loveliest wee lady <3

  7. You are definitely one of the blogs that inspire me the most and Carly of course! xxx

  8. Hurrah - lots of new blogs to read :) I'd recommend Clothes, Cameras and Coffee too - Roz is a brilliant writer and has some great photo shoots to boot.

  9. Already a big fan of The Dainty Squid and Little Blog of Horrors. Been reading both for years now :) Going to check out the others you've linked.


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