Monday 1 July 2013

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream - beauty review.

Last week I got an awesome package from the beautiful Kathi of GoldieGrace (seriously you have to check out her beauty blog it is amazing!) sent me a German package full of sweets and her drug-store beauty faves in a swap for my Kat Von D 'True Love' eyeshadow palette

I've decided to write about my favorite item from the goodies I received:

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream - Smooth Berry
This picture doesn't really show it but when you first pull it out, it looks quite glossy, so then you are all like 'um is this gonna be matt or what!?" and then...
IT IS MATT! I love this it smells amazing - like Fluff Mashmallow pots! I love how matt it actually turns out it's just wonderful!
It's amazing for the smell alone but really this product lasts forever and I wish I could get ahold of it here (does anybody know if you can?!) as I want one in every colour!

Ever used this brand before?



  1. I tried it and I love it, and you are right it lasts forever, I think there are four colours

  2. I used to love Essence nail polishes, but they (maybe half a year ago) changed the packaging and the consistence of the nail polish and it's not as good as it used to be... I'm not sure if I ever tried anything else besides nail polishes and lip-balms (which are really great btw), but it's a great affordable drugstore brand. I'm about to buy their Big lashes waterproof mascara, I heard a lot of positive reviews.

  3. Oh, it looks awesome! I love lip products like this and the colour is amazing on you! xxx

  4. Awe it looks so lovely on you!
    Maca is right, there are four different colours in the permanent range but to be honest only two of them are interesting to me. Smooth Berry is the most unique colour, then there is a true blue based red and a rosewood and a nude colour. But from time to time essence releases limited shades and they use to be really bright.
    If you are interested in this lip cream formula in general I suggest the Lime Crime Lip Creams! They are my favourite creams! At this time they released two shades, one neon-coral-red one called Suedeberry and the most badass dark red ever: Red Velvet. You should give them a try if you like those creams :)
    And thank you again for the awesome swap! <3

  5. I've only tried their nail products and I really like them! This lip cream sounds amazing! Need to check it the next time I go to the mall! xxx

  6. this brand is everywhere in Spain, I'll be keeping an eye out in August! x

  7. Why is your hair so awesome? seriously.. tell me now

  8. I haven't used this brand, but I got a matt lipstick at a Cosmopolitan event and it's really cool! It's bright pink, so not really my colour, but I love the powdery-ness of it and the fact that it lasts so long :)

  9. Love you lipstick!!!

    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  10. OMG I am soooo jealous... what a gorgeous product!!!!! I love matte lip products, and ones that smell amazing too, well that's amaaaaaaaze! xxx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  11. This sounds pretty awesome. Was never really too sure about essence before, as I’d heard of them but was a bit... meh before, but will be grabbing it now you recommended it, definitely going to try it out. x
    Heroine In Heels


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