Monday 15 July 2013

Lust List: MONVATOO London

I discovered MONVATOO London by browsing the amazing website that is The Lost Lanes (check it out if you haven't!) and totally fell in love.

Using carefully sourced high-quality materials each piece is hand-crafted. The designs are animals and fantasy based but each collection/theme has many different styles for example you want a glittery unicorn or a pearly one - you got it!  

Although my bank balance would disagree with me, here are my fave pieces from MONVATOO London's amazing ring collection: 

Sweetheart Unicorn
(see more Unicorns)
Twinkle Castle
(see more Castles)
Amethyst Bear
(see more Bears)
Ruby Fox
(see more Foxes)
Sapphire Robin
(see more Robins)

Have you heard of MONVATOO before? What do you think and which is your fave?

Hope you had a slamming weekend, I spent mine back home in Devon in the sunshine - bliss!


  1. These are all amazing! The little Robin is so sweet - what a cutie! xxx

  2. oh gosh the unicorn ring!!!! <3

  3. I've never heard about them before but wow! The Robin and the Twinkle Castle ones are sooo cute, love all those glitters!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog Stef, you don't have do it if you don't want to though! xxx

  4. I need that twinkle castle. Immediately,

  5. That unicorn ring is just the cutest!! Glitter + unicorns = <3

  6. in love love love such a beautiful rings!!!

  7. OMG so much glitter, I love this post! xx

  8. Love all of these rings! But especially the castle! xx

  9. Oh my goodness these are amazing and so very you! You need to get them all! x


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