Wednesday 31 July 2013

July Roundup

July was a pretty crazy month!

It kicked off with a mad weekend in London for my housemates birthday, a whole bunch of my pals came up and we all stayed in the same hotel. We ended up at an Industrial Goth night in Camden - it was mental. I've never had so much fun! 

The there was the crazy heat-wave we had here in the UK, 3 weeks of sunshine was brilliant plus I got myself a little tan ;) 

Here are some other things that have kept me smiling in July:

Tentative Decisions Bullet Necklaces
I was gifted these by Tentative Decisions and haven't stopped wearing them! They are also my blog sponsors for August so check out their site :)
Rainbow Lightbulb!
I got this from dotcomgiftshop - I love it so much! My whole room is a rainbow!
I added 4 more cacti to my terrarium! 
Me, Ross and Prince went back down to Devon for the weekend.
We took a trip to Buckfast Abbey (home of the famous drink) it was so beautiful!
My mum bought me this amazing teapot for my new flat.
I've been reading loads this July I will do a separate post on the books I've bought (there are SO many)!

Don't forget to follow my Instagram for more up to date pictures of what I'm getting upto :)

What was the best thing about your July?

P.S I'm 3 GFC Followers away from 1500! That doesnt sound like alot but it means so much to me! I will be doing a giveaway as soon as I reach the goal ;) x


  1. Oh dear so many amazing things in just one post! I LOVE your terrarium, I need one in my life too! xxx

  2. Looks like such a good month! I love your kitty, terrarium, and those amazing necklaces that were gifted to you!
    xo Hannah

  3. that rainbow light bulb is awesome! as are the necklaces. x

  4. Love your blog so much haha! Followed you on bloglovin'!

    Caitlin ♥ ♥

  5. Cracking month :) That light is amazing!
    Good luck reaching 1500, that is a great achievement! x

  6. Those pendants are absolutely stunning! I love how much of a poser Prince is too, pretty thing! xxx

  7. Those necklaces are so perfect but I'm on a ban now. That lightbulb!!! I may have to try doing a D.I.Y one xx

  8. Love that teapot! Xx


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