Sunday 19 September 2010

High School Spirit!

First of all this post is totally inspired by the lovely Ivonne over at i just nod.
I'm 20 and British so the never go to the American high school thing you see in films. I'm a huge nerd for anything musical too and I've already done a Glee inspired post so now it's time to do a High School Musical post. Heck yes (see i told you I was a nerd!).

Obviously the films are cheesy as hell, aimed at small children BUT do contain to beautiful eye candy that is known as Zac Efron - and I LOVE them (and him)!!

Images via: here and here.
Here are the 2 main characters, Troy and Gabriella (Zacs IRL girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens/Bitch :P) and now here is my take on their characters high school style:

I was given the T-shirt by my boyfriend who once went through a Troy Bolton faze - American Apparel
Shorts - Primark
Sports socks - American Apparel
Vans Authentics - Office
What films are your guilty pleasures? 
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Hope you've all had a great weekend.


  1. You are far too gorgeous. And your hair is looking fantastic, looks so much healthier than my straw head. :P x

  2. I loooove High School Musical! and the style. Have you seen that high school jock style jacket in Topshop? Very much in love with it.

    At the moment I'm so into old musicals, like On The Town, Half a Sixpence and Grease of course. Gotta love the musicals :)

    Chloe x

  3. I have never seen that movie but I do love the film dazed and confused, its about stoners in hightschool

  4. I love that oufit. My guilty film pleasures would be all the dancing movies! Seriously Step Up, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, if they are dancing in it, I am watching!!

  5. you are so adorable! that movie is totally my guilty pleasure - loving your blog

    visit/follow me

  6. Oh my gosh! Love your take on the "Troy Bolton Shirt" haha
    Your American Apparel shoes are cute! :D

    Thank you so much for the mention!


  7. Very cute hehe! I only like the first HSM movie, and yes Zac is a hottie!! :D

  8. i am never a big fan of High School Musical lol beacuse i never like Vanessa Hudgens , u look superb cute in the Troy shirt i think u look even cuter than Vanessa Hudgens lol

  9. How cute! :) and yes, American high school films are way too cliche ;)

  10. haha. zac efron is so cute! :D and i love glee as well. <3 your outfit.

  11. Haha this is great! You make High School Musical look good, which takes some doing :) Lovely blog!

    <3 Alison

  12. I've always wanted to know what American High School's were like too hence in Australia we are so different. The look is awesome on you, you suit it well fine :D

  13. thanks for the comment dear! i'll start following you :)
    and this is sooo cute!! love it all, just the theme of high school musical is adorable ♥
    have you got a picture of that dress that you wanted ? :D

  14. the custest inspirtion ever!
    honestly, i do not have any film guity pleasure... but should i have?

  15. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it!
    Now following =)

  16. oh my gosh-I LOVE HSM!! I'm 22-but there's no shame. Zac Efron is gorgeous. Love love love him

  17. hehe i love high school musical 2 but shhhhh lol love this post :) thanks for visiting my blog :) xx

  18. your a cutie, i loved this. following (:

  19. Thank you for your nice comment about my outfit! I love your highschoolmusical-inspired outfit - awesome :)

  20. I'm afraid to say I'm a high school musical nerd too! I own all 3 films and although I cringe at probably half the film lengths, they're fabulous! :) I like your take on Vanessa's outfit, I envy that girl so damn much!

  21. What a crative idea! Love your look, you look so cute!

  22. You look SO HOT in those knee socks and Vans tennies!! More please with the vans!! ;-))

  23. Not faze - it's phase.
    You do look cute, top shows off the shape of your breasts nicely


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