Monday 13 September 2010

Loulou Loves You.

Loulou Loves You are a lingerie (but they also dabble in accessories such as hair bows and peter-pan style collars) company who hand-make their items. Everything comes in a box all wrapped up and is 100% silk so worth every penny! 

You can take a look at the site HERE, but here are my favourite items:

Lola Playsuit - £225
A little expensive yes, but if i had the money...
As you can see it wears wonderfully!
Lola Heart High Knickers - £60.
These are adorable! I love bloomer type underwear.
Love 'Day' Cami - £55
Love the colours.
Lavina Feather Necklace - £55
This is my favourite item, it could go with anything and I love the petrol colour feathers.

What do you think? I love it however I couldn't splash out on underwear on my wage/budget! I'll be posting about another amazing lingerie company in a few days - with a giveaway!


  1. Love those undies. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have been exploring your blog and its quite spectacular. Consider me your new follower!

  2. Awww the playsuit is so pretty! You've made it very hard for me not to spend my hard earned moneys!!!

    I've just spent the last ten minutes going through your blog (I really should be sleeping I've got work tomorrow at six ha ha!) and it's lovely! You're soooo pretty! I'm jumping on the follower bandwagon too he he ;) X

  3. OMG I want those hotpants (knickers)! I have a current fetish with hot pants and tights. Tres chic.

    Thank you for the lovely comment! Stop by again. Love your blog!!


  4. Haha, amazing! I love love love the playsuit and bloomers. x

  5. I would never spend that kind of money on any of those things, but they are adorable. My favorite is the cami!

  6. i love that playsuit, its sooo cute.

  7. Hay hun, I have given you an award so check out my post to collect it. Loving the playsuit BTW, you always have thee best finds. xx

  8. Totally Loving the Lola Heart High Knickers !!!1

    I love all of them.


  9. gorgeous knickers :D I love the colors.

  10. i totally love lola playsuit...

    head over to my blog for a chance to win a giveaway...

  11. Aw thank you for the lovely mention!

    Loulou xo

  12. I love Loulou Loves You, if only I could afford it! :( x

  13. ooh super adorable playsuit! loving the peter pan collar :)

  14. *Swoon* at that lola playsuit! Beautiful!
    Christina xox

  15. I love her designs so much. She's amazing - and proper beautiful, too!


  16. I can't believe the playsuit is underwear, pretty sure I'd just wear it out and about :D

    & i love the model's rockabilly updo in the last shot!

    ps. i will definitely write about the clinique red solutions after i've used it for a little bit!



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