Wednesday 1 September 2010

Sephora 'Colorful' Eyeshadow Palette

One of the best things about my Paris trip was that I got to indulge in Sephora goodness! 

For those who don't know Sephora is a store devoted to great make-up (think MAC, Urban Decay and in USA they have the Kat Von D range which I'm dying to try!) and also fragrance. They have stores across Europe and the USA but none in the UK - it's criminal! 

I picked up a great Sephora own brand oil-free foundation primer which is excellent and also a Sephora eyeshadow palette.

Sephora colorful palette - €14.50

I got it in 'Apricot Pulp No.9'.
As you can see it's a very natural collection, 2 + 3 barely show on my hand but on the eyelid they do show up clearer.

This is number 1, 3 + 4 on the eyelid.

I really like the more natural tones as I can wear red lipstick without looking vampy as my hair so white and I'm pale.
I really want to try some more neutral palette, which are your favourites?


  1. great store in Paris right , love this pallet

  2. I love the Sephora eye palettes! I have the one for brown eyes with the coppers and purples!


  3. very pretty. it looks very natural

  4. I never wear eyeshadow! I just can't make it look good enough! haha help! :)

    love, polly

  5. Great eyeshadows, love the colours!

  6. i am not good in eye make up because i have tiny eyes , so most of the time i only use black eye liner to make my eyelids look wider lol

    btw the colors look good on you :)

  7. Very pretty and very natural - I really like it xxx

  8. Lovely. I have neutral loves at both ends of the pennies scale - Chanel 4 Ombres in Mystic Eyes (I have dark hair so my neutrals need to have a smidge of colour to them) and Bourjois Smokey Eyes in Baroque.


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