Tuesday 7 September 2010

Eyeko Magic Mascara review.

If you missed it click HERE to see pt.1 of my Eyeko 25% off buys and here is pt.2.

I've been needing a new mascara for a while and I remember when I was about 15 I used an Eyeko one I loved, so I impulse bought this, the Eyeko Magic Mascara, something I wouldn't normally do but this has diamante-style sparkles on the casing.

As I said in my previous post I just love how everything comes packaged, this is the Mascara with a sticker I got in my package.

I have really short eyelashes that are prone to snapping/falling out and alot of mascaras' tend to make me want to pick at my eyelashes (unfortunately this is also true of my favourite mascara Lash Stiletto by Maybelline).
Here are my lashes before application:

The brush is nice and thick on the Eyeko Magic Mascara, as my lashes are so short this makes it hard to get into the corners. This is good as when it comes out of the tube all excess mascara is wiped off only leaving you with what you need, so it's nice and light on the lashes.

As you can see there is a nice defiant black colouring difference but no excess mascara to encourage me to pull my eyelashes. You can also see how I can't get into the corner lashes so good.

What is your favourite mascara? I've seen alot of new ones out with added growth treatmens so maybe next time I'll pick up something along them lines (after seeing blog reviews of course!).


  1. I use Lash Blast. I'm not in love with it, but I am satisfied with what it does to my short, thin, blonde lashes. It's probably heavier than what you'd like.

    This stuff looks nice! Your lashes look longer.

  2. lovely review!i also have horrible short stubby lashes,not good!

  3. I use Sexy Curves by Rimmel, it's amazing.

  4. oh wow that is good, your lashes look full without being clumpy. I hate it when it does that :P
    I use sleek, it's okay but I always change mine up not sure what I will buy next I do love rimmel, as they are good and cheap. I love the sticker so cute. Hope you are well kitten xxx

  5. we dont have this brand here :(

  6. My fave is cover girls lash blast length. It has a skinny brush which I like because I don't end up getting it all over my eye like I do with the big fat brushes.

    Thanks for commenting on my necklace post! :)

  7. I am such a mascara person! I seriosuly have no lashes so I am always on the lookout!!
    Thanks for the post!


  8. Maxfactor mascara is amazing. Masterpiece is my norm for the day with Falsh Lash Effect at night. The latter was offer in Boots so I was using it in brown/black during the daytime and black at night for a more dramatic look.

    Sadly it's ran out and Rimmel's Volume Flash (which I found hanging around my room never used) has been adopted. It's rubbish and puts way too much on the brush. I'll be at the Maxfactor stand again this weekend...

    Laura x

  9. Great review!
    The packaging is just so darn cute haha

    My favorite current favorite mascara has been Cover Girl's Lash Blast Length Mascara. It's coats my lashes really well and it doesn't flake, which is a big plus for me :)



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