Monday 6 September 2010

Eyeko Rain Polish.

Last week Eyeko had 25% off your order, so I snapped up this opportunity and picked up their 'Rain Polish' and a Eyeko Magic Mascara (review coming tomorrow).

First of all I LOVE Eyeko and how they package everything, it came in a cute bag with 2 stickers and a free gift code! 

Rain Polish - For City Nails - £3.50

I really love this colour, it's a blue/grey - basically the colour of a cloudy, rainy city day! 

The polish definitely needs 2 coats but it goes on smooth and easy with a great brush and dries fairly quickly. Next up I really want to try the Eyeko Cosmic Polish and ChiChi Polish.

Also I have a really bad topcoat so I was wandering what your favourite topcoat is so I can give it a try! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


  1. oh this polish is amazing on you!totally need some eyeko in my life hehe:)

  2. This colour is lushh! I use barry m's topcoat its okay I guess I haven't really used any others :) x

  3. I've heard of those nail polishes before! It looks really great on your nails :D

    Also, a REALLY great top coat that makes your nail polishes last like a WHOLE week without chipping or anything is the Seche Vite top coat. You should definitely try it! :)

  4. @Ivonne thankyou! I will check it out! Your profile is saying 'user unavaliable' which makes me sad cus I love your blog! x

  5. I see this nail varnish on so many blogs & I love it! I have resisted so far, because I actually have a couple of grey nail varnishes that I wear a lot.. but not THAT one..!

  6. Oh this colour is really nice, I love it. I love there products and like you said the packing is always just so adorable. Looking forward to your next review. I am so bad, I never really put a top coat on ....I find with Barry M I did have to, I am addicted to there nail polish xxx

  7. Poshé makes the absolute best top coat ever. I used to use it on every client when I was still a nail tech but was totally sold on it when I went on holiday one year and used over top of my pedicure. I ran around for a week with no shoes on the beach and not a chip one in my laquer. Definitely worth hunting down.

  8. I love iT! I wish I wore it tomorrow for Fashion night out.

  9. I really like this color, it looks really good on you. I always see these types of colors and I never buy them because I always think that maybe they might not look nice, but you have certainly changed my mind :)

    love the blog, am following you dear.

  10. woo, awesome colour, I love that it'd match any outfit really.
    I normally have natural nails so I don't know about topcoats..sorry!



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