Tuesday 28 September 2010

Urban Outfitters Homeware.

The crave to have my own place is getting stronger by the day - despite never having any money and only having a job with awful pay (but good perks).
So instead here is a mini wish list of things I want SO badly from Urban Outfitters:

Cat Bow Plate - £6.00
A cat which has ben somewhat humanized - I need it!

Teapot by Pipstudio - £35
Pipstudio also have amazing teacups, I'd love a set like this!

Mini Squirrel cushion - £30
love this litte guy he's so cute! Although I'd rather have a real pet squirrel!

Squirrel by R. Berkley - £30
Again an animal put in human clothes - wantwantwant!

Aunt Sadie's Paris Candle - £14
Lily scented with a gorgeous picture of Paris on.

Good-Night Tattoo Pillows - £25
This is my favourite item - ever!
Do you live alone? How is it?
Now, I'm off to make noodles and enjoy a relaxing night!


  1. i love uo homeware,i often go there to get little ornaments for my room..got tonnes hehe!:)

  2. love the decor at UB, always a unique selection!
    Come Follow me & vote XOXO

  3. I am moving soon, so am OBSESSED with homewhere at the moment. I really love that cat plate.
    Love Christina x

  4. love that teapot! They really do have some very cute home goods stuff online

  5. I moved away from home for the first time a month or so ago, and my flatmate is my boyfriend! He's quite good with letting me decorate the place with girly niknaks and stuff tho. I think I could defo justify plates with cats on them! :p Haha. UO home stuff is just fabby. xx

  6. I neeeeed that tea pot!

    I've lived on my own for seven years. Well, for the last five I've lived with my husband. I really want a house though before I go crazy with the decor-purchasing. Though compromising with my husband on decor is a pain anyway; he's a minimalist. Blah.

  7. Love Urban Outfitters homeware - some great stuff..

    Gotta admit though, the animals in clothes thing freaks me out slightly..! (What can I say? I have issues!) And I'm not a fan of cats.. so that plate is my idea of a nightmare!

    Can I ask what you do? As in, for a job? Purely because you mentioned it, & I am nosy :)


  8. all of these things are so cool! I too love the cat plate! Our house is full of all kinds of strange little things, but we very rarely buy anything new or full priced!! xx

  9. I haven't lived alone in a couple years. But I'm so looking forward to it happening again. Living alone is amazing. I miss all of the privacy.

  10. I love all this stuff, I've been craving it myself! I'm moving into Halls for Uni next week but that doesn't really count as your own place, I know! c: xx

  11. my oh my, these are the cutest things . <3

  12. I love your selections, especially that amazeballs cat plate/bowl! I'm heading to UO tomorrow! I live at home to save up a deposit, but badly want my own place so I can get decorating! :)
    Kat x Click&Make-Up


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