Monday 16 September 2013

Deer Heads in my Living Room

Hey there! 

Just a quick one from me today as I have so many things to get doing! Here is a little sneak at my living room/fireplace area and my AMAZING Deer Head from Out There Interiors!

Living Room circa 2 weeks ago. We now have a book case. Just underneath the records we have out record player and also another huge sofa and a table and chairs (aswell as the coffee table!) I hadn't really unpacked it all when I took these pictures so I cant wait to show you some more of the living room once it's done up a bit!
Deer Head Wall Mount c/o Out There Interiors.
I'm so happy with this fella! Very sturdy, super creepy and cool and fits in so well!
Fire place - we were fish-sitting out old fish for a week, he's now gone.
I actually got the deer skulls from a family friend who owns a deer farm and stripped them and bleached them and cleaned them up all nice.

Next time I will be showing my bookcase/my books thats i am currently reading/loving.

I love how cosy my living room is - it's my favourite place :)



  1. I want to curl up in there and snooooze all day. I actually love your living room! So cosy.
    Carrie:Brighton xx

  2. Ahhh SJ, it looks SO cute and cosy! You're going to have some amazing winter nights in there :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. this room is so cute! love it, it looks so cosy and snug x

  4. Your living room looks so warm & cozy.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  5. Wooow!! So amazing :) I love all these details :)

  6. You have an absolutely gorgeous living room! I love it! The deer head goes perfectly too. Love it :) xx

  7. It does look very cozy Stef! I love your lamp too! xxx

  8. That deer head is awesome... although if I had one I'd probably keep forgetting it was there and giving myself a fright when I spotted it.

  9. This has made my living room look very inferior! It looks super cosy and snuggly, and kind of magical with all of the candles. <3 xxx

  10. Ooh that is awesome, I love the whole room, looks very cost and rustic. Those wood floors and big, comfy sofa <333

    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  11. Absolutely love this! I need more antlers and skulls. It definitely warms a room up!! Haha.


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