Wednesday 25 September 2013

Happy 1st Birthday My Curves & Me!


Lucky ol' me got to join in the celebration of the lingerie website My Curves & Me's 1st Birthday this month by getting to choose some underwear! YAY! I swear it's my new fave thing (as you may have guessed!). I was sent a little gift in the form of beautiful lingerie. 

My Curves & Me was set up by lingerie company Panche for the *ahem* more 'fuller' figure at amazingly cheap prices. I've learnt that my new obsession comes at a price! 
Now I got curves (a big ol' butt and size DD boobies) so of course this is something I support and am more than happy to help celebrate! YAY CURVES!

Here are my picks: 

Arquette Bra by Masquerade
Arquette Brief by Masquerade
Cutest detailing on both the bra and briefs.
Iris Short by My Curves & Me
So pretty!

I love how an amazing set of lingerie can make you feel so much more confident! Goodbye Primark pants - Hello feeling great!



  1. Both sets are so lovely.. you lucky thing!

  2. So pretty x

  3. These are really lovely. Everyone always says you should invest in great underwear as it can make you feel fab, I really should listen!

    Lindsay at Scottish Outlander (

  4. oh la la gorgeous underwear! I love splashing out on a pretty set! x

  5. That is cute. Thanks for the introduction to the brand and feel free to drop by me too anytime.


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