Thursday 5 September 2013

Summers' Pressed Flower Collection.

As you may remember in this DIY post that I mentioned I have been pressing flowers and leaves for almost a year now. Obviously there are way more prettier flowers out in Summer but I definitely prefer doing it in the Autumn as everything turns colour and you get some amazing outcomes.

To press the flowers I keep then in a notebook until I get home where I either use a small flower press or use a DIY one using books and kitchen tissue. I leave them for about 3 weeks then i just use some washi tape or my cute kitty foil tape and stick them in a pretty sketchbook for my own personal amusement. 

So today I thought I'd share with you a few pages of some of the flowers I've pressed over the Summer: 

I'm super excited that Autumn is on its way and I can't wait to go out into nature on walks to find some awesome things to press! I've already started venturing out and have had some crazy-cool interactions with bugs and frogs which I will share with you shortly :)

Hope your week is going well - Friday is almost here!


  1. Aaw, they are all so pretty - a lovely thing to collect :) xxx

  2. They're really pretty, such a good idea.

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  3. This is such a lovely idea, they all look so pretty too x

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my last post! I love pressing flowers too, these are lovely xx

  5. So pretty! I've pressed flowers a few times before but never really got around to doing anything with them. Have a tonne of scrapbooks though and a shed load of washi tape. Yay! x

  6. So lovely. I used to press flowers with my gran and loved it.
    Really love your lavender.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  7. oh those sunglasses are just perfect, using pressed flowers is such a cute idea! i tried to get into it a while back, but after finding a huge green bug in one of the flowers i'd picked i think it put me off for life. UGH!

  8. that is amazing and so pretty. I used to do it when I was young, but haven't done it for years! I should start again. What a unique post xx

  9. I used to this when I was little and it's such a good idea! I'm recognizing the tape with the kittens <3

  10. How do you get the flowers not to go all yucky and brown :') I have tried so much for them not to do, maybe its the glue I use :')

  11. I'm excited about autumn too! It's such a great time of year for pretty colours. I must dig out my flower press. I used to love doing it as a little girl. They're nice to pop inside birthday cards too. You've inspired me :)


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