Monday 23 September 2013

Pink n' Purple Hair and Blue Tie-Dye Sweater - outfit post

I got bored with just having pink hair so added purple dip-dye on the bottom too. Although I'm kinda bored of having pink/purple hair it seems everybody has it these days - I'm thinking maybe a dirty blonde or go back to my old pearl blonde.
I'm also desperate for a hair-cut but I only have £4 to my name at the moment.

I got this blue tie-dye jumper from H&M last year. I love wearing a bodycon dress with a jumper over the top, it's basically all I wear come Winter!

Here it is - massively ripped tights an' all:

I love Prince so much! This weekend he bought home a dead crow and cut his foot - he is such a little trouble maker! Even though the picture is super out of focus (probably due to how smudgey my lens was) I just love any picture with him in :)

Hope you had a great weekend



  1. it looks so pretty!

  2. i love your pinky hair! did you hear that bleach london are getting a hair dye range in boots? the colours look amazing. they've got a really nice peach. i bet that'd suit you xx

  3. I love your hair colour, can't wait to see what you have planned once you have the dolla! Such a cute pic with prince! X

  4. I really love your hair like this, it's so pretty! Aaw, and Prince is looking very adorable as

  5. I wish I had pastel hair, the subtle purple on the ends is really pretty.

    Tara xo

  6. Love the pink and purple. Most of my pink has faded now, I really miss it! x

  7. This jumper looks so comfy, like I said the other day just give me all your wardrobe Stef! I would cut your hair if I could lovely! I've been cutting mine for four years now and I cut my boyfriend's hair and pretty much everyone in my family asks me to cut their hair! ahah Aww Prince is so cute! xxx

  8. Your hair looks lovely SJ :) Wish I had the balls for pink hair!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  9. I really love the pink on you, though!


  10. Your hair is so pretty! Looks beautiful


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