Tuesday 3 September 2013

When Your Boobs Are Bigger Than You Think - My Leia Lingerie Experience.

Hi loves,  I have something a little different for you today ;) 

I was contacted by Leia Lingerie to see if I wanted to pop in and see their latest collections and try their bra fitting service as I've been working closely with St. Davids Centre Cardiff on their new blog, for the lifestyle and beauty section. It was simply to go along and see but I had such an amazing shopping experience I wanted to share with the world!

I've never done anything in-store with companies before (well, that wasn't at an event full of other ladies, where I kinda take a backseat) SO I took my time about it and wrote notes during and after my experience on my phone.

First of all the lovely Kathryn ushered me into a beautifully, grand dressing room that was purple and gold with a huge chandelier in where she tasked me what size I think I am/buy and what style, shape and padding etc do I like. 

Kathryn went off and right away found the cutest little black and nude pink polka dot bra for me to try in the size I thought I was. Right away I could tell it looked wrong. After explaining to me how to look more 'defined' in the bra she explained that I was not a 32C but infact she placed me at - 30DD! Woah! That sounded crazy because I really didn't think I had that big a cup size or that small around! 

I really loved the half-cup shape of the bra's she had given me to try but also wanted to branch out a little so I waited in the dressing room for Kathryn to pick me out some new styles to try. I tried on a longline bra that I did not think would suit me in a million year and actually it looks so cute and feminine - I loved it!

I was so happy with the way Kathryn understood my style and I couldn't leave the shop without my two favourites (oh and of course they came in a set so I just had to get the full thing!). Here are my purchases:

Beautifully wrapped with this seasons catalogue and a preview of next season too.
Freya Patsy Longline Bra Top
Freya Patsy Brief
Freya Patsy Half-Cup in Light Pink
Freya Patsy Short
Of course Prince couldn't keep his nosy little head out of my business.
I was given a card with my bra size on so I don't forget in future, but they also set me up as a customer on their system so if I do forget it's there or if somebody is buying me a gift they an just give my name/email over and suprise me ;)
I was also given a loyalty card, for every time you spend over £30 in store (even on sale) you get a flower stamp - fill your card and get a free bra (with no price restrictions!). There is also a card in which if you refer a friend and they make a purchase - you give them the card and get £10 to spend in store.

I can't speak any more highly of the Leia team - so go on ladies get yourself fitted and find out your true bra size!


  1. Prettyyyyyyyyy, most highstreet shops/brands don't do pretty bras in an A cup though :(

  2. Whaattt big boobies ;)
    I jokes, weirdly the same thing happened with me and my boobs a few months ago, I was convinced I was a 32C but NO 30DD - Jumped for joy ;) haha.
    Charli @ Charli-dot-dot-dot.blogspot.com

  3. What gorgeous choices! It's amazing how many people wear the wrong size bras. I am usually a different size in a variety of shops, so it's good to get measured all over the place :) xx


  4. Haha I wrote a post just like this recently, it's crazy how your bra size can change without you even realising, I was wearing bras two sizes too small! This sounds like a really good shop, I love that they save your size in their computer in case you forget! xx

  5. My bra size is changing constantly, I swear I gain or loose one pound and my bras no longer fit!
    I need to get myself measured again as I'm definitely not the same size as I was the last time I was measured.
    May give Leia a try, the service sounds great and I love the sound of the loyalty scheme. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  6. I never heard of these before but these bras are sooo gorgeous!


  7. They're so cute and frilly, will definitely be having a look there for future underwear shops!

    Michelle xo - http://www.shelleymagpie.wordpress.com

  8. Cute choices! Seems like a wonderful store too. :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  9. I never heard of this brand before! They were so nice to you Stef and absolutely adore the two sets that you choose! xxx

  10. I've heard so many good things about Freya but I've yet to check them out. With you on the importance of measuring - between weight loss/gain, monthly cycle and pregnancy, we should be getting measured every 6-12 months!


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