Monday 2 June 2014

Adventures In 35mm - pt 2.


Well sadly it's Monday again, not one to wish my life away at all but I really really hate Mondays! 

Today I have the 2nd part of my adventures in 35mm - here is the first part. This is my 2nd roll of film I shot and I'm so much more pleased with how this film turned out!

35mm bloggers
Woods on a dog walk.
Prince in the garden.
In the park.
During our park picnic.
Lucky the dog.
My cat back in Devon - Pippa. You might remember her from my old posts when I lived back home :)

What do you think? Any tips or hints for me to get a better lighting?


  1. That first snap is my favourite, it has such a nice vintage-esque look.

    Tara xo

  2. Mondays are so boosome! These came out fab, they look so vintage and pretty x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. I have never seen a cat that looked anything like mine 'cause I thought he had such unique markings, but your Prince looks identical to my Scooter! You don't happen to know what breed he is, do you? (Gorgeous photos by the way! I've been falling in love with film myself, lately.)

  4. I love film photography! Nice to see people still embracing it. The hard thing is with basic film cameras there's not much you can really adjust, but you could try using different types of film to get brighter or different tones in your pictures? :) xx


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