Friday 27 June 2014

Trainer Wishlist.

Happy Friday!

This week has seemed to go on FOREVER! I know the weekend will just fly by though :(

This week I joined the gym, I've been feeling awful about my body for a long time now and I've been eating well but nothing is changing so I've decided the only way this will work out for me is if I get some exercise too(that isnt Yoga)! Plus it was on my 2014 goals list so I decided to take the plunge.

I joined a hotel gym so I can use a pool (and obvs the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi) to swim which is a fun way to exercise plus go to a smaller gym where it won't be full of people making me look bad. I aim to go at least 3 times a week but hoping it will be more once I get a good routine. I've been twice so far and love it! Today I'm having a day off as I'm aching a bit but tomorrow I'll be back in there (after a long lay-in of course!)

You can see my current trainers here in my Nike 5.0+ post however I don't want to wear these to death so will save up and treat myself after 3 months if - and ONLY if - I go 3 times a week! Here are my current fave trainers: 

uk blogger health and fitness
New Balance 410 - Schuh
These are so cute, I love the shape and the colour.
uk blogger health and fitness
Adidas Zx700 Contempt - Office
I love the pops of colour on these plus they look super comfortable.
New Balance 410 - ASOS
Again I love how dainty and feminine this New Balance style looks. 
uk health and fitness blog
Nike Air Sculpt - JD Sports
I already love my Nikes and these look like they would serve well for the gym.
health and fitness uk blog trainers
New Balance 574 - JD Sports
These are slightly chunkier but I feel like my feet wouldn't kill me after a day in them!
uk style fitness blog
Nike Flyknit Air Max - Nike Store.
HELLO THE DREAM SHOE! These are wonderful and amazing but, yeah, they are £180.

Any gym goers out there who can give me some tips on fighting through the aches and pains?

Have a lovely weekend dears,

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  1. I love the Adidas Zx700 Contempt! They are gorgeous, I love the pops of neon orange.

    Little Babe


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