Wednesday 4 June 2014

Love You Boux.

Since I went for a bra fitting last year I've finally realised the importance of finding the right fitting bra. Not only is it great comfort but I also feel so much more confident when I look at myself in the mirror, nothing hangs out or squishes in - it just looks right and pretty.

I want to show off my latest lingerie set from Boux Avenue. I'd never heard or seen Boux Avenue until I had moved to Cardiff but instantly loved it the shop is set out like a lovely secret boudoir but this time I shopped online:

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Boux Avenue gorgeous gift wrapped package (which is a free service!).
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Annabelle Floral Balconette Bra*
Annabelle Floral Briefs*
floral underwear
Inside there are lightly scented plastic rose petals that smell amazing, I've mixed them in my underwear draw.
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This bra is so comfy and the print is exclusively designed for Boux Avenue. The briefs have a thin, soft, see-through black back to them and have a cute lace that goes all the way around the trim.

Having the gift-wrap packaging as a free extra was such a nice touch it was kind of like 'Dear Me, Love Me.'

Hope you are having a good week! This weather is miserable and is making taking blog photos UNBEARABLE! If you have any links to any blog posts with great photography tips I'd be really grateful as I want to pretty up my photo skills :)



  1. tmi but i'm wearing this exact bra right now haha. boux avenue is the best! xx

  2. So pretty! I'll check them out for sure :)

  3. Love Boux Avenue, got a set from them a little while back and it's my favourite underwear. Gorgeous design and the scented petals were a lovely added touch.

  4. These are adorable, love the floral pattern! xx

  5. It's such a lovely print! I haven't been to BA for a long time but they do the best bra solutions!

    Tara x

  6. I love Boux, everything is so pretty and the shop in Cardiff is amazing!
    I need to get measured again as I've put weight on since the last time and none of my bras fit me properly at the moment. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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