Friday 13 June 2014

Save The Bees + New Tattoos.


What glorious weather it has been! I've spent the past few days sleeping and reading and nothing else and can't wait to spend the rest of my weekend doing the same.

Today's post is very important - it's all about how to save the bees! 
Bee's are incredibly important to our ecosystem, a third of all crops are dependent on bee's pollinating and are also part of a food chain (e.g cows!). The bees are dying out at a crazy fast rate, they are not endangered but the effects of their loss is becoming apparent. 

In my garden to help the bees I have a small bee 'hotel' where they can safely pop in and out of to store their goodies and I also have lots and lots of bee friendly flowers and bushes that they love.
Occasionally in the hot weather you will see bee's on or near the path who look like they might be dead - until you give them a nudge! They get dizzy and sleepy in the head so here is a great way to rescue them:

uk bees save the bees

Just mix one table spoon of white sugar into about an eggcup full of water and place a small amount near the bee and let him have a little slurp. The sugar-water give the bee enough energy to move on and get on with his duties. I like to leave the sugar-water combo near a bush where there are bee's incase any need a perk up during the day.

uk save the bees

Away he goes:

save the bees

I love bee's they are so cute and sweet and don't tend to harm humans unless under threat (and when they do sting unfortunately honey bees die). A couple weeks ago I got two new tattoos and here they are:

bloggers with tattoos
girl bloggers with tattoos

The UFO is just a little nod to my interest in the paranormal, extraterrestrial and cryptozooology. 

They are both by my old housemate and good pal Bradley Tompkins.

If you want some more information on what you can do for bee's here are a couple handy sites:

My Amazon wishlist also has a few books saved to it about bee's and their decline.



  1. I agree we defo need to be doing more to save the bees, love the bee hotel idea! Tattoo looks awesome!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love watching bees going about their business in the garden. If I had the space I'd like to have a hive or two.

  3. Haha such a coincidence, I was reading about bees the other day as I have beehives! There is a green peace petition trying to abolish all bee killing pesticides at the moment :) also I think the bee hotel is brilliant and so sweet, more peopl should do the same! Oh and your tattoo is super sweet!

  4. I love bees! I work at Ted Baker head office and there is a beehive on the roof where they make their own honey :) I have sampled it and it is delicious.

    Faye x

  5. I love your new tattoos lovely, I truly do!! Aww the bee is so cute! I'm glad you shared this little tip with us, I'm definitely doing this whenever a little bee comes near! xxx


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