Wednesday 25 August 2010

Giveaway Reminder + a little bit of help.

Just a quick reminder that my giveaway ends Friday (27th), so any last entries get them in as soon as possible as I want you all to be in with a chance!


I will be announcing the winner either Saturday or Monday so look out!

Also I was wandering what YOUR favourite blogs are, I'm looking to follow some more interesting blogs, so I wanna know what your recommendations are! I will also be going through my followers and checking out your blogs too and doing a bit more following :)

Good last minute luck!


  1. My favourite blog is - I love Gem, literally. She's ace. I can't even describe why right now, but if you haven't checked out her blog already (which you may well have done, she's pretty popular), then I definitely recommend you should do it :)

  2. Have a look at my profile hun I follow hundreds, literally. Lots of them are foodie but there is loads of other stuff too, fashion, make up, general brilliance x

  3. thanks girlies I love gemfatale and I will check out all the other blogs :)

  4. I love Fancy Treehouse
    The girl that runs it is a stunner and i love the way she writes, she wears a lot of vintage, then sells it all on ebay. brilliant.

  5. i have a lot , way too many lol so i guess i'll skipped the famous ones and share new blogs which i ♥ A+B in the sea

    Daniela from
    1st Day of Spring

    hope you'll enjoy them too , btw i enjoy yours too :)


  7. I follow a bunch via google reader - most are listed down the right side of my blog. It's listed in my profile! Most blogs I found via lists on OTHER blogs - it can be quite a timesucker but a FUN one!

  8. I'll say the same as emily clare! Mine are all in my ' blogs i follow' bit, feel free to pinch any you want!

  9. xx

  10. thanks ladies! Been looking through loads and will do some more tonight and over the weekend! xx


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