Wednesday 11 August 2010

MAC Viva Glam - Lady Gaga Lipstick.

I've had such a busy week with work, planning for Paris and the stress of my car, Troy, collapsing on me, that I've been feeling a bit...uninspired.
So to cheer myself up and get the inspiration flowing, I thought why not share one of my favourite things with my lovely blog readers!

My MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick is my favourite lipstick, not only is it fronted by Lady Gaga, with her signature scribbled on the base, but the colour is amazing and packaging looks great.

It's described as a lustre blue-pink,
I'd say it would possibly suit fair skinned/blonde people as a light pink can often wash out darker hair and complexions.

Not only is the colour gorgeous but MAC's Viva Glam give "every cent of the selling price" to the MAC AIDS Fund - a cause which I support fully.

First swatch is of one layer, 2nd is of 4.
Apparently the more you use it, the brighter it gets!

I love the colour, it's great for a daytime look and it stays on the lips for ages!

What colour lipsticks do you use? Which is your favourite?
Don't forget my next post will be my giveaway and I have a little collection of things ready and waiting!


  1. *high five to fellow Gaga superfan* :D The lipglass of this is out in September! <3

    Other than the Gaga lipstick, my current favourite is one my mum bought me in Morocco. It's green at first but then develops into a deep hot pink over time. I love the colour and it stays on forever and doesn't even feel like I have any on. It's amazing!

    I'm currently trying to find a nice purple-berry shade for Autumn and Winter. x

  2. @Sammi -
    woohoo roll on September!!

    is that lipstick a Barry M one? i know they have a green to pink one my friend uses. I may have to try it!

    i have a dark one but I think i look a bit goth/clowny in it, maybe it's just a weird shade! xx

  3. I really really like your blog ;) I don't usually like this kind of blog but yours is so beautiful and lovely! I found it on my friend 's following list and i'm really glad i did! Hope you're okay xx

  4. @ Rosie - thankyou so much! i left you a little comment over your blog but just have to say I also love 'Chlay''s blog too! xx

  5. Thanks :) It's not very good cause usually i'm not really well enough (have the same thing as chlay, but not as bad) so generally just use my energy on other things! ;) but i'm kind of liking the pretty photos idea atm! love xx

  6. It's a natural lipstick handmade by the Moroccan women, when it's moistened by rubbing it on your lips, it releases a red dye. They called it Magical Moroccan Lipstick. :) Gonna pick loads up when I visit next year. x

  7. I have this lipstick and LOVE it!! So pink and amazing x

  8. I didn't think I could get away with this at all during the day but I tried it on today and it is totally wearable! Great post and I haven't heard about the gloss but I can't wait til it comes out! :) xx

  9. I love the GAGA lipstick...I was so afraid of it for a while so didn't use it but now I wear it loud and proud! :) Cyndi is on of my favorites too. I can't wait for the lipglasses! :)

  10. I love this color!! I bought this one and the sister one that came out with it that Cyndi Lauper did! They are both awesome colors!
    Love the post

  11. Ooo it looks pretty... I don't have that colour so definitely may invest! I'm got very similar hair to you atm so hopefully it will look just as good! Good cause too!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, yours is great, definitely subscribing :)

    Rach x

  12. i usually wear red, but i love this color.

  13. this looks deadly on you! great blog, new follower!

  14. I have wanted that lipstick forever and was forcing myself not to buy it as I already have so many and want to save for MAC's Venomous Villains but this post has made me change my mind! Absolutely stunning colour, it goes so well on you! :D x

  15. I tried to get this and could not get it any where :( I love the Gaga. Great review and what a pout ! Oh Paris you lucky lady, enjoy it hunni. I hope you have lots of sun and shopping xxx

  16. I am a red Mac or Chanel girl all the way, though I wear gloss during the day most of the time.


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